WWDC 2010: Download Pre-session Reading and Sample Code

Yes folks for all those that are eagerly awaiting Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2010 to start on Monday the 7th of June, you can kick off a head start by downloading the pre-session reading and sample codes.

By doing so you can gain a head start on the sessions, all you need to do is clink on a session you wish to attend the choices are, Application Framework delivering in-dept info on building apps for the iPhone OS and Mac OS X. Core OS covers the tech which underpins iPhone OS and Mac OS X which includes networking, security, hardware level services, and the low level graphics layer.

Developer Tools session teaches you how to take your app to the next level and delivers cutting edge techniques and tips for working with Xcode tools. Graphics & Media shows how to create rich 2D and 3D graphics, take advantage of GPU computation, produce platform optimised video and audio, and to design cutting edge games.

The Internet & Web session enables the user to create 3D animations, deliver video and audio, and construct offline web apps, and all these sessions can be downloaded by hitting here.

Although it is advised you check back frequently as Apple add more sessions. There are actually over a hundred technical sessions and hands on labs whereby a user can learn from Apple engineers and learn just how to harness the tech of the iPhone operating system and Mac OS X.

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