HTC EVO 4G Verses HD2 Face Off Video

The first smartphone capable of hopping on a 4G network has now been released, the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, but how does this might new handset stand up to another HTC device such as the T-Mobile HTC HD2?

Well you can find out by watching the HTC EVO 4G verses the HD2 face off video which comes to us courtesy of Surur over at WMPoweruser by way of Wirefly, and delivers just over fourteen and a half minutes of HTC smartphone battle goodness.

I have to say that over here in the UK I know someone who has an HTC HD2 and has nothing but trouble with the device since they got it, so I’d tend to take a guess and say the HTC EVO 4G will definitely come out on top in this face off.

But that’s only my personal opinion, so best to hit up that face off video below and find out the result for yourselves, besides if I told you how it pans out there wouldn’t be no need to watch it would there…enjoy.

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