Adobe Teams-Up to Convert Flash to Apple HTML5

Steve Jobs is very clear when he says that Adobe Flash has too many flaws and will not allow it on the iPhone or iPad platforms, but as usual Adobe finds away to sort something out.

According to Tony Bradley via PC World Adobe has partnered with Greystripe that will work around the Flash Ban on Apple products, this new venture will allow mobile advertisers to bring Flash content on the iPhone and iPad.

Basically in a nutshell Greystripe can detect the platform requesting the content and once its done that it can convert Flash to HTML5 in real-time for the iPhones Apple Safari browser.

It will be different to iAds because it will be authored with Adobe Flash authoring tools; the cost will be lower and will come in both full screen interstitial and expandable banner formats.

Bet your bottom dollar Steve Jobs will have something to say about this, Adobe are trying their hardest to get Flash onto the iPhone and it seems they are that little step closer.