How Come AT&T is offering early Upgrade? Verizon iPhone 4 Perhaps

Well apparently anyone who wants to take advantage of upgrading early to the new iPhone 4 can do so as AT&T has generously allowed this for up to 6 months before contract renewal, but the big question here is why?

According to Matt Buchanan of Gizmodo this sudden generosity by the Big Blue smells fishy and asks the question “Why doesn’t AT&T want people to wait six months to upgrade?”

Well maybe it’s because AT&T wants to make sure they tie iPhone customers into a new 2 year agreement in a hurry, but again why? Having said that we know that AT&T has gained an extension over the iPhone which is about 6 months if I’m not mistaken.

So what could possibly make AT&T get so generous with their early upgrade scheme? Well it could be that after those 6 months the big blue will lose control over the iPhone 4, or perhaps in 6 months time Apple is planning on pushing out the much called for CDMA Verizon iPhone which AT&T would undoubtedly see as a major threat.


2 thoughts on “How Come AT&T is offering early Upgrade? Verizon iPhone 4 Perhaps”

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    Elvis says:

    ATT customer loyalty policies have ALWAYS BEEN to prorate your early termination fee based on number of months into your 2 your contract reaching zero at 18 months. Noting to see here, move along!

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    Ace says:

    You missed the point Elvis…this wasn't about proration since they are actually forgiving the 6 months to allow for the upgrade.

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