iPhone 4 Release Date and Price: June 24

Well iPhone fans the big news is finally in, the only real news we have all been waiting on tender hooks for. Steve Jobs has announced the new next generation iPhone 4 and we also now have the pricing and launch date for you.

According to an article over on Engadget by Paul Miller, the new iPhone 4 smartphone will launch as of the 24 of June 2010 and will come in two colours, yes not only is the new iPhone 4 in black but in white as well for once offering iPhone hopefuls a choice.

Naturally the iPhone 4 will be gracing the AT&T network (Boo) but apparently they will be allowing some extra upgrade time of up to 6 months early (sweet).

So just how much is that shiny new iPhone 4 handset going to cost you? Well depends as usual on which version you want. For the 16GB iPhone 4 it will set you back $199 while the 32GB iPhone 4 will hit your pocket for a cool $299, not too bad prices if I do say so myself.

Apparently the new iPhone 4 will launch in the US, the UK, France, Germany and Japan and a further 18 countries will follow in July. So there you have the prices, launch date, colours, and countries, so will you be purchasing the new iPhone 4?


28 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Release Date and Price: June 24”

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    imyourjosh says:

    I will be purchasing a new iPhone because my first one just got smashed to pieces after over 2 years of ownership a week ago. Holding out has it's advantages and good timing too!

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    Natasha says:

    i have a 3g and can upgrade 18th june so i'll definately be looking at the iphone 4. just wish they'd give the uk prices. don't really care how much it is in the states they always get everything cheaper anyway.

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    Bryan says:

    What does this article mean, “not only is the new iPhone 4 in black but in white as well for once offering iPhone hopefuls a choice”?? Does the author not realize that every iPhone, sans the original 2g, has been available in either white or black?!

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      Phil says:

      Bryan – 'sans' means 'without' and not 'except'. Try and at least get it right before pendantically criticising an article…..

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        Chris says:

        Oops…. PENDANTICALLY??? Think you mean PEDANTICALLY, tip: At least get your own spelling correct when PEDANTICALLY criticising other people…. FAIL…

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        david says:

        Bryan, those earlier iPhones have only been available with white backs, not a white front as on the iPhone 4.

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    Ali says:


    Really excited on the release of new iPhone 4…

    I wish I could get my hands on it as soon as possible…


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    Jamie says:

    I’ll be getting it but I stay in the uk and us in the uk get ripped off by apple.in America it’s $299 for the 32 gig on payg but in the uk it will be £450 meaning about $750-$800.apple rips us in the uk off but I’ll still get it on payg if it’s on payg when it comes out.just hope it’s jailbreakable for tethering and all the other 3rd party apps like installous (apptrackr) but if not I’m keeping my 3g anyway so can tether and all the other stuff with that so no biggie if not.

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      JRC says:

      FYI, here in US, iphone cant even be sold on PAYG, the price for non commitment for 32g is $599 plus tax and even if u get ur iphone on non commitment, you would still have to have voice and data plan w/ AT&T. The $299 that ur talking about is for those new or upgrade eligible customers. Do the math and see if there's a big difference, even if there is, it's not much. Unlock iphones are much more expensive since the only authorized carrier for iphone is AT&T. You cant even buy an unlock iphone through Apple store or online. At least there in UK, you'll be able to get the iphone for free depending on ur rate plan, but here in US, even if u get the most expensive plan, the price would still be the same. get ur facts right! http://www.att.com/Common/about_us/files/iphone/p

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    Jdubb says:

    I will be pre ordering mines on the 15th. The iPhone 4 is a must have. For that price too! You can’t beat that.

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    freddie says:

    I agree with pete the ipad is $500 in the USA but in the UK they get away with selling it for £500 each which is about twice the price…

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    Bradley says:

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    Sean says:

    Hooray, new iphone i know i will buy one soon as i can, and i also know apple will sting us Brits on the price too….. Doh!

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    Martin says:

    Glad guys,

    in Germany the iphone (3 and 4) is only available @ T-Mobile. The first prices without contract are around 1.050 € up to 1.200 €. Rip off….


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    Leon says:

    I found out from my friend she works for a network provider, £35 contract 16GB model you wll have to pay extra £185 and 32gb extra £235, but anyone on £45 contract phone free.
    PAYG 16gb £400 32gb £550

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      Joy says:

      at least in UK, you could get the iphone for free depending on ur rate plan, in US u can never get the iphone for free no matter how expensive ur rate plan is.

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    sfgsfg says:

    Whilst the cost in the states appears cheaper (and it is slightly) this excludes the tax they have to pay on top!

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    ffheawoy says:

    Not sure, but think the prices at the top are with a contract and the actual iphone costs alot more!

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    ARTiSAN says:

    The price differential between the US and the UK is a total rip off. I was going to byan iPad however the UK price is ridiculous. It would just about be OK if it was pounds for dollars however at £450 its impossible to justify even with import duty and VAT. Whats the difference between a US version and a UK version apart from the power supply plug ? May be worth having one shipped over and saving a fortune !!

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    Mike says:

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