HTC HD2 Has Digitizer Problems and Desire Shortage

Apparently there seems to be some issues arising with the HTC HD2 smartphone as apparently many HTC HD2 customers have sent their smartphone in for service after the digitizer failed, and furthermore there appears to be a shortage of stock of the HTC Desire.

According to a report over on Electronista by way of a Mobile News article, the digitizer issue often results in a damaged LCD because of the proximity of the components, and apparently the repair parts are difficult to get hold of due to the continuing number of HTC HD2 handsets suffering this issue rises.

On the HTC Desire front, although the smartphone doesn’t appear to suffer the same digitizer problems, dealers have raised concern over the limited supply of the device with reports coming in that Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange UK and Amazon have all sold out.

As for the HTC HD2 issues there also appears to be several claims that the device crashes frequently and in order to get the device to work users have to pull the battery to reset the smartphone. So have any of our HTC HD2 packing readers had this problem, if so voice your opinions below in our comments area.


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    Dave Mackie says:

    At the moment my HD2 has some serious problems i dont know where to start listing them. Even typing this is a difficulty as when i press a key sometimes it doesnt register its being pressed, other times it glitches and jumps to another part of the keyboard and selects a letter nowhere near the one i chose and other times the cursor would jump back to the start of the passage or text and start typing or the keyboard would even disappear. Thats just the problems with the keyboard haha. The most recent problem has been that randomly the phone would jump to the notification drop down without being prompted to do so or will jump to the 'start' menu and when i press the 'home' key it will go to 'home' for a few seconds and then jump back to 'start' menu. My HD2 is fully up to date with all the htc downloads and updates. It has took me roughly 30 minutes to type this and thats not cos i'm slow or retarded haha

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    Frank says:

    My HD2 LCD screen broke (not the front digital screen the internal one). It hadn't been dropped, or dropped in water. I won't buy one again!!

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    Ronni says:

    I have had loads of problems with my HD2 and currently have my second handset in for repair. As already stated, I am one of the unlucky ones who had to remove battery in order to "unfreeze" the phone. Often lost connection to network, roamed to other networks and refused to receive incoming calls and messages. Serious problems with OS which is a shame, as I actually liked the look and feel of the handset otherwise.

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    blake says:

    The Response of the screen went from slow to nothing – restored Rom worked for 30 seconds with out an issue then right back to nothing like I wasn't even touching the screen

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    Phil says:

    This phone is without doubt the worst phone i have even had the misfortune to own. As my friend says, buying an iphone was the best thing he ever did. He owned 2 HTC, none were the HD2. As for me, I will not make the mistake of buying a second. A short list fllows.

    Charged over 100 pounds extra when my son was born. Lots of MMS, SMS failed to be sent, retried automatically 5 times. I was still charged.

    Opera, if reading a long doc, turning phone from vertical to horizontal or back loses place. You then have to scroll for ages. Same problem if you zoom in, also after a while zoom does not fit to page.

    Freezing up.

    Alarm does not work. Had to buy SPB Alarm.

    On train now and could not turn alarm off for over a minute because the phone would not respond.

    SMS no longer sounds the receipt.

    SMS icon has moved so it can no longer be seen without scrolling to the right, constantly miss msgs and rely heavily on email.

    Making phone call, have to reset to get rid of poor sound quality.

    Stopping phonecall, need to use the hardware buttons as screen button is and unreliable.

    Keylock fails to come on automatically, ends up making calls.

    This message is hard to type as cannot move cursor around to make corrections.

    Alarm fails if set to go to airport, TWICE now.

    GPS is very very slow.

    Bluetooth always locks, when i get in the car have to reset the phone.

    Phone locks and need to remove battery.

    Sometimes cannot stop a call and have to take battery out.

    Screen memmory issue, where does not get updated and show parts of a different view.

    Screen can jump around and change to different views when no touching screen.

    Anyway, do not for one second assume that is the end of the list. I not even going to talk about the issues of .net programming.

    Never again shall HTC and WinMob cross my palm. When i think about how kuch of my valuable time this “Smart Phone” has taken up, i feel quite upset. RUN, RUN LIKE THE WIND.

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    Colin says:

    On forth phone within 4 months, all have same problems, locking up, bad screen, and all of the faults listed by the other unfortunate ones, hope the phone company give up soon, must be costing them a fortune changing this pile of junk every few weeks. Throwing it out of the window soon, if the next one due any day now still has the same faults.
    Keep away, not good at all.

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