iPhone 4 Hands-on with Face Time: Video

So fancy getting some knowledge on that new Face Time feature shown during Steve Jobs keynote at WWDC 2010? Good because that is exactly what we have for you in the video below.

The video was of course shot at WWDC 2010 as how else would Noah Kraviz from Phone Dog get his mitts on the device so early? The video is a brief hands-on with Face Time on the iPhone 4 which lasts almost two and a half minutes.

Face Time is of course the big new feature on the iPhone 4 which delivers video calling but is WiFi only for the foreseeable future or until Steve Jobs can strike some deal with the networks. By the way this was the thing that causes Steve a little embarrassment when he couldn’t get Face Time to work due to too many people using WiFi.

Anyway I don’t want to spoil all your viewing pleasure by rattling on about Face Time and the iPhone 4 as it’s easier for you to hit that play button if you haven’t already done so, and enjoy this hands-on with Face Time on the iPhone 4.

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