Vodafone UK iPhone 4: Register Your Interest Now

It is official; we mentioned that Vodafone UK would be releasing the new Apple iPhone 4 so we thought we would add a little more flavour in the pot.

Vodafone UK will launch the stunning iPhone 4 on June 24, if you visit the Vodafone UK iPhone 4 page you will now notice that you can register your Interest and receive updates.

More information about the smartphone and of course pricing and tariffs will all be revealed soon, are you excited Vodafone customers? We will have more news on the above as soon as they update its site.

Please let us know if you will be buying via Vodafone UK, or do you have another carrier in mind this year. Love to hear from you, the new iPhone 4 is an evolution according to Apple and it seems that could possibly be true, new design, new features and much more.

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