iPhone 4 on O2 Means Scrapped Unlimited Data

With the arrival of the new iPhone 4 it appears its release heralds a change in customers getting unlimited data allowance. The exclusive iPhone 4 carrier in the US AT&T has essentially scrapped unlimited data with their new tiered pricing and now it appears here in the UK O2 is following the same direction.

According to an article over on Mobile Today, O2 is to scrap unlimited data for upgrading and new customers at of the 24th of June, the day the new iPhone 4 is released.

Apparently O2 has said that based on current usage patterns, 97 percent of O2 customers wouldn’t have to purchase extra data allowances due to the lowest bundle of 500MB delivers a minimum of 2 to 5 times the average usage of an O2 customer.

According to Jonathan Earle, head of consumer mobile for O2, as of July 1st, O2 will send texts to their customers providing information of their data usage along with when they have reached their limit. Earle also said “This won’t make a difference to the vast majority of customers as most of them use under 500Mb.”


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    Simon says:

    Just seen the o2 Tarifs..

    Was considering sticking with o2 and upgrading with them but will defo re-think now, if the average user uses less than 500mb then why not just keep it unlimited???

    Hopefully Vodafone will see sense and get the lions share of the business..

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    Guest says:

    O2 have eliminated it's one selling point. As a current iphone user on o2, Im off to Orange. Disgraceful! Their tariffs for the iphone 4 are a joke – charging now for sms messaging as well? I think this is a good oppotunity for other providers to win over lots of customers.

  3. UK’s Tele Coms not keeping pace with demand

    I appreciate that O2 is at least being honest informing its customers. Yet this does not get away from the fact that the telecommunications Companies in the UK are not keeping pace with the huge increased demand for legitimate downloaded products.

    Meanwhile the OFT Office of Fair Trading should halt the miss selling of Broadband by many ISP's falsely stating unlimited usage when in fact they are not. Businesses are being seriously affected by the restrictions placed on ‘Legitimate Downloads’ of both music and Movies due to low Gig caps. All this at time when new products, which keep markets flowing, are being seriously affected.

    The UK Government meanwhile is seeking to criminalize all Net users to gain revenue by the introduction of new Laws. See here for details: http://tinyurl.com/35phmvt

    Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk

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    SAffa says:

    I defiantely agree with 'guest', what IS 02 actually offering then? and why should we stay with them? the only reason why i signed up is for unlimited interent, id still like to have a ferrari in my garage even if i didnt drive it everyday.. oh why??

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