O2 iPhone 4 Business Customers: How To Upgrade

Okay so you are a business customer with O2 and you are thinking about upgrading to the new iPhone 4 when it becomes available, so how do you upgrade? Well here is how to upgrade if you are an O2 Business Customer…

According to O2, businesses which are currently eligible for an upgrade can do so either in store or online, by speaking with their account manager or via the Business Customer Services Upgrade Team.

But if you are currently in the middle of your contract here are a couple of options for your consideration. Option 1 is you can upgrade early from the release date of the iPhone 4 for a reduced one-off charge equal to £20 for every full month left on your contract and is only on offer to O2 Business customers who are managed directly by O2.

Option 2 is straightforward; you just wait until you are eligible for that upgrade, but if you are an O2 Business customer you may be eligible for a mid-term upgrade meaning if you have a 24 month contract you may be able to upgrade after 12 months but you will need to speak with O2 or your O2 account manager.


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    Anon123 says:

    That exactly what I heard, however, the Business Customer Services Upgrade Team is no longer contactable via phone. I've been trying to reach them but the business number gives a message then cuts off.
    If I dial 202 to speak to the Customer Services (standard account) then once transfered to the Business department the automated message states ''…number no longer in use…" then cut off.

    What is going on?

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