iPhone Maker Foxconn To Close Chinese Operations?

Well Foxconn has certainly been in the news for quite some time and all for the wrong reasons, namely all the suicides at the iPhone making plant. However, Foxconn seems to be making more news today for an entirely different reason.

According to a Rosa Golijan report over on Gizmodo, Chinese news site Oriental Daily is claiming that the suicide ridden Foxconn is closing their factories in China including the Shenzhen plant where all the deaths occurred.

The closure of Foxconn if the report is true could mean up to 800,000 workers being sent to the unemployment queues. The reason for the closure is apparently Foxconn wants to focus more on factories in India, Taiwan and Vietnam.

So far the closure of Foxconn is unconfirmed, but if the closure goes ahead I personally think that all the reported suicides had at least something to do with the decision, and it’s about time; what do you think?


One thought on “iPhone Maker Foxconn To Close Chinese Operations?”

  1. letsmotor says:

    To bad they couldn’t clean up their act instead of closing the plant