England vs USA World Cup 2010: Football Rattle iPhone Game App

England v USA World Cup 2010 not long to go now, everybody is getting their stocks of chilled beer and chicken drumsticks at the ready for those of you that are having a barbeque that is.

Those that are not will probably be sat somewhere in a nice inviting pub which will offer you a big large screen to watch all the action. Why not enjoy all the fun of the matches with your very own iPhone football rattle. Thanks to the guys over at product-reviews.net via sourcewire.com

Yes that’s right there is an application which will turn your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into a real football rattle. The application has been released by S Ventures Limited for the England Rattle which is great for all you fans out there wherever you happen to be watching the game.

All you need to do to get your rattle sound is simply wave your device in the air, depending on how fast you manage to wave it will depend on how hard and fast you can manage to wave it. You can get your rattle for just 59p at the app store here.

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