Fathers Day 2010: The Shack Offers T-Mobile Handsets Free As Well

Taking a leaf out of the T-Mobile book, it appears that The Shack has now joined in the Father’s Day celebrations by offering the same deal as T-Mobile on T-Mobile phones at the Shack.

According to an article over on Phone Dog by Alex Wagner, by way of a post over on Tmonews, The Shack is going to offer the public all the T-Mobile phones they stock for free on Saturday the 19th of June, shadowing the Father’s day deal from T-mobile.

Apparently the difference with grabbing your free T-mobile mobile phone from The Shack is you can gain a device with just a single line whereas direct with T-Mobile you are required to sign up for a family plan or an extra line.

Furthermore apparently with The Shack deal there will be no mail in rebate to worry about and no activation fee although apparently with The Shack only lines 1 and 2 are eligible for a free phone.

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