iPhone 4 Tariffs: 3UK Waits To Undercut Everyone Else?

When it comes to the iPhone 4 rivalry between those that offer the device is sure to be hard and fast so the winner will grab the most customers. Here in the UK iPhone 4 hopefuls wait to see what iPhone price plans each carrier comes out with.

So far, Vodafone UK iPhone plans have been revealed, see (here) and likewise iPhone 4 tariffs have been revealed by Orange, see (here), so there still remains the likes of O2, T-Mobile, and 3UK.

However, according to an article over on Unbeatable, by Alex Masters, apparently they have heard from 3UK that they haven’t revealed any iPhone 4 price plans yet because they are waiting for everyone else to do so, so they can undercut those prices.

Furthermore, the article states that 3UK is in direct talks with Apple so that they can ensure that they will offer the public the cheapest iPhone 4 tariffs in the UK, and once all the others out their tariffs, then 3UK will reveal their aggressive plans undercutting their rivals.

I wonder what O2, T-Mobile and the others think of this, one thing though; maybe this could lead to a possible price war when the new iPhone 4 finally sees release.


4 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Tariffs: 3UK Waits To Undercut Everyone Else?”

  1. I have 3 iphones all running on simplicity tariffs (contracts ran out in Feb) with 02, I know 3 will be cheaper, but I am worried about their limited coverage. We all want to save a few quid, but do we sacrifice good coverage for that?

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    Paul says:

    i think these mobile phone companies are losing the plot. If they dont come up with their tarrifs soon then more and more people will buy direct from Apple and get an UNLOCKED phone. They will then get a microsim card when available. If one cant supply that then many, like me, will reluctantly switch networks.

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    R8doo says:

    Well in response to the first post, save a few quid for sake of coverage???? 3uk has the biggest 3g coverage of all the networks, the iPhone has been crying out for a reliable and fast network so all I can say is good luck 3, I'm sure it will be the network of choice for many an iPhone customer

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    Monique says:

    I have just got a 3 iphone and my coverage is bad. 2 post codes W36SX London forgoodness sake! and SN251US Swindon not the sticks my other 2 phones have exellent coverage

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