iPhone 4 launched exclusively by 02 for existing customers

Great news for existing 02 UK customers as the company have announced that the iPhone 4 is initially going to be available for existing customers.

A recent article by Ionut Arghire over at softpedia.com gives more information. Apparently as the iPhone 4 is seeing such a large amount of demand on the market the carrier fears it may well run out of stock.

So the decision has been reached that they will only be offering the new handset to existing customers starting from June 24 until at least the end of July this announcement by the company follows shortly after they released price plans for the device which we have covered here previously in case you missed it.

The Apple iPhone 4 will be available for existing customers only at launch said 02, the iPhone stock is extremely limited to the UK so therefore not everybody that wants one will be in a position to get one. Not straight away anyhow. The company want to ensure that existing customers receive priority.


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    TheBIGMan says:

    No problems with that. I will take my business elsewhere. O2's loss is someone else's gain.

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