HTC EVO 4G So Popular it Sells Out Online Again

It appears that our HTC EVO 4G vs. iPhone 4 vs. HTC Droid Incredible popularity poll has it just about right as that poll shows the HTC EVO 4G as the most popular device, and this is being proved again by the first 4G enabled smartphone selling out online once again.

The HTC EVO 4G sold out before, Sprint replenished, and now according to an article by Chris Ziegler over on Engadget, the HTC EVO 4G has yet again sold out online, although you may be able to pick up the much sort after device locally.

For now though it appears that ordering your HTC EVO 4G via online channels is not an option as Sprint has apparently said, “this device is so hot we can’t keep it on our virtual shelves.”

So, our popularity poll can’t be that wrong can it? There’s no word on just when Sprint will re-open online ordering for the HTC EVO 4G, but as soon as we hear we’ll let you know.


10 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G So Popular it Sells Out Online Again”

  1. honkj says:

    uhh, the Evo was pulled because it has manufacturing defects, and HTC took them off the shelves, so in fact it did not "sell out" as sprint is saying… look it up….

    1. Guyver says:

      Wrong! HTC has a problem keeping up with demand for their products. The same with all of their phones. Incredible, EVO etc… Only some phones had a screen problem. HTC does not pull their phones. I was in line on release day. It was sold out after 2hrs. Was that a manufacturing defect too? when they finally got them back in it was sold out immediately again. Was that a defect too? go back to your iphone and don't let EVO come out of your mouth again.

  2. We need figures says:

    Instead of telling us how the HTC Evo keeps selling out, why don't you provide the actual sales numbers. We all know that the new iphone has taken pre-orders for 600,000. It was reported that during the first 4 days the Evo only sold approximately 64,000 units. You stated that your poll can't be wrong because the Evo keeps selling out. DId you stop to ask the question how many Evo where available during this second round? Obviouosly if there's demand for another 64,000 and only 50,000 were available one would coome to the wrong conclusion as you did. When the Evo hits the number that the iphone hit on it's first day, you can safely say that it is a an extremly popular phone, until then you need to support what you are saying with actual number of units and let us draw our own conclusion.

    1. Guyver says:

      the EVO didn't sell 64,000 units. Also if you say there are no sales numbers how did you come up with 64K? Making sh*t up huh? Also. They didn't take pre orders for the EVO or they would have sold that too. The only people buying the iphone 4 are previous iphone users. That's not hard to get those numbers on and established phone that already has a customer base there. This is the 1st EVO and professionals estimate between 200K-300K opening weekend. 2-3 days. The first iphone sold less than that. Your educational system has failed you.

    2. Guyver says:

      and I guess we should believe everything we here about the iphone from Apple? the iphone will not be on 3G because 3G is a battery hog and the iphone won't be on it. Um. it's on it now. The iphone won't have multitasking. There is no need for multitasking. um. now you're getting multitasking? well sort of. Well not really. Well…only for certain applications. The rest no! Apple has done an about face on so many things they have said regarding the iphone. It's not the hot phone they once thought it was. I'll put my EVO up against any of your iphones for $1000 and see which one wins. The question should never be what can the EVO do that the iphone can't…it should be what can the iphone do that any other phone can't? They don't do video better. Maybe because you guys just got that a year ago? it does't take pics better. Horrible pics. I've seen them. Video chat on wifi? cheap. Oh..they also said it has a front facing VGA camera compared to EVO's 1.3mp front facing camera. Whoa! why did they say VGA instead of the pixels? Well it's because the pixel count on the iphone 4 front facing camera is 0.3mp. WOW! but that's great marketing though. Go Jobs! you bought it. What else can the iphone do that others can't? hmm. Nothing at all. 600,000 huh? 🙂 let's see how many they sell total in 3 months and then come back at talk. All pre orders show is how many people were waiting for it. Does show how many people actually get it in the end. oh p.s about the retina display. LOLOLOLOLO! LMAO!!!!! resolution means nothing on a small screen. Can't see the effects of resolution until you go over about 20 inches. Correct me if I'm wrong but the iphone is 3.5? you still have to zoom in to see websites. oh wait no flash. Okay. 25% of the websites.

  3. Chie says:

    GUYVER – thanks for your comments its helped confirm my lack of desire for an iPhone – as much as friends try to convince me otherwise.

  4. Meech says:

    I have an ipod touch. I have an evo because i was already on sprint. I must say the evo is a sick phone. Co workers at work who have iphones are envious. Iphone is a ipod touch u can talk on andit has a camera. Ipad is a BIG ipod touch and still no flash. But Jobbs said it is suppose to be better than a laptop. Hello no flash? No USB drives? Apple zombies are throwing away good money on a useless tablet. I will take a full laptop any day over a BIG ipod touch. As for yhe new iphone… the evo has everything it has hardware wise and then some.

  5. Meech says:

    Just like the other guy said iphone 4 will sell great because 80% of the buyers will be previous iphone owners that are already on at&t. If iphone was on sprint and i had a choice between the two, i would still choose evo because when i got my touch (my first ipod ever) i was pissed when i learned how i had to put music on there and how it syncs any time i connect the thing to the pc and how i have to always make playlists it was just a big pain. I do love alot of apps tho thats the only thing i like over the evo. But android has most of the apps i have on my touch except a few key ones i liked but oh well!

  6. bigd says:

    every phone is going too have its pro and cons , i have a evo and had a i phone 3gs i like the evo better but the i phone was good too , att doesn't offer 3g here and sprint dose so that's way i went to sprint . also take note of specs sheets on both phones and were they was made at chine or japan we all know japan makes better stuff because the don't have kids doing the work . And take in the factor were you live both phones can be hacked to do about the same stuff but i really cant comment on i phone 4 . don't own one and i like the evo better but that's just me and if like i phone get it hope you enjoy it both companies are make money off of us so do we really need all this stuff ye we like it but you can live with out but its nice so what every you chooses do your home work on it before making a choice .

  7. Curtis Thompson says:

    Respectfully, since I'm not paid by Sprint, AT&T, Apple nor HTC I feel it necessary to share that it is all preference. Sprint is good in some areas for coverage as AT&T is better in others. HTC has great features in a phone and Apple has cornered their portion of the market. So, in all fairness would it be safe to say that AT&T sold a bunch of phones and Sprint sold a bunch of phones as well? I just don't see the necessity to insult each other over networks/manufactuers that we neither own or are reimbursed for endorsements. That's my two cents.

    For the record, I have both phones and I think they are both great for what they are (which would also indicate that I have both networks). I personally prefer Spint but that's my personal preference so please don't beat me up about it. I respect the preference of others.