iOS 4 Gains Some First Impressions

No doubt everyone in the mobile arena will know that the latest operating system for the iPhone and iPhone 4 is being released by Apple today, the newly named iOS 4. And no doubt the Apple website will be pummelled by traffic trying to grab the release.

However, according to Duncan Riley over at The Inquisitr, they have got hold of the GM beta release of iOS 4 and they believe it is the final version and have given their first impressions on the OS.

They state the install although taking longer than previous updates installed without any problems on an iPhone 3GS, but they do note you require iTunes 9.2 to run it, and the first noticeable thing is that the wallpaper now appears behind your applications.

New in iOS 4 is Folders, which are a “god send” and easy, all you do is hold down on one applications and drag it to another and a folder is created and even automatically detects what type of applications you are combining.

Also new in iOS 4 is multitasking, to which they say in answer to the question “how to use multitasking on iOS 4, the answer is a simple one, all you do is double tap the home key, although they do warn that applications need to be iOS 4 compatible to “truly support multitasking.”

Apparently iOS 4 also ups the speed of the iPhone camera quite seriously, and handles applications better, well at least on an iPhone 3GS as for the iPhone 4, well we’ll just have to wait a few days to find out.

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