iOS 4 iPhone Update: What is the Release Time?

Today is the day yes June 21 when Apple will release its new iOS 4 software update for the iPhone, the new iPhone 4 smartphone will already have the new operating system pre-installed so no download required.

Everyone across the globe is asking the same question of what the release time is, so when will Apple actually make it live and available to its customers?

There are many discussions from forum threads online like Macrumors for example and iOS 4 release times have been said to happen around 9am Pacific, last year Apple released its iPhone 3 OS update at 10am PCT.

All we say is have your iPhone on the ready and keep checking iTunes 9.2, it will soon let you know when it is ready to download, as soon as you have the new software installed onto your iPhone please let us know how you got on.

If you encounter any problems let us know as well, other readers would love to know what you know so please share. Thanks

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49 thoughts on “iOS 4 iPhone Update: What is the Release Time?”

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    iOS4ubergeek says:

    I will probably be staying up through the night in order to download this at the moment it goes live. Hoping they choose an early off beat hour in the morning, but if 9 am is correct, I can wait that out.

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      iphone 3g user says:

      Mine is downloading now! it is 1:27pm on the east coat. It looks like a big download because it is taking a while. Will keep you posted. I am 1/3 of the way complete.

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      iphone 3g user says:

      Big download. I'm in Maryland and it started about 8 minutes ago. takes a long time but it is released. It's 1:30pm now. If I could put a pic in this reply box I would to show you but no BS mine has started!! FYI iphone 3g user here

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    Mark says:

    Eastern Standard Time – Just got it. It's a big download, takes over 40 min. to completely download and install.

  3. Reply
    Grrrrrr says:

    Still waiting in Australia. June 21st at 9:24PM. Thanks Apple making us second class even though we're ahead in time.

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    Dr. Bob says:

    It is currently 8:32 AM EST and I am not getting an update notification for my 3GS phone through itunes.

  5. Reply
    Lindsay says:

    I'm on Eastern Standard Time and I've gotten nothing, nor has anyone else that I know, so I don't see how anyone else could have…. I'm going to say it still hasn't been released yet.

  6. Reply
    joey says:

    its 10:45 eastern time and i still havnt got anything yet. I just downloaded the new itunes and hoped that it worked .. nopee

  7. Reply
    Neil says:

    EST stayed up till 2:30 thinking the download would be in early morning. I was wrong. Don't have it yet but I will post a link to a website that has a countdown don't know if it's reliable though.

  8. Reply
    raj says:

    11:30 est??? lotta sites say it is gonna launch at 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm est!!!! and i thought it is 4:30 est already!!! damn… tat means in india it will release only tomorrow morning is it!!!

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    oijli says:

    i checked 12:00 am, 6 am, 8 am, 10 am and 12 am. no luck. probably at 1 cause that was 3.0 release time

    im on east standard time

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    Mike says:

    Yes raj, nobody knows when it will release in the US, Australia, or holland, but i can tell you it will release at 6pm in India.

  11. Reply
    Chris says:

    16.47pm here in the UK and still nothing. Come on Apple sort it out, can’t wait any longer!!!!

  12. Reply
    mike says:

    its up im dl the new iphone update now!!!!!!!!!!!! it says about 15 mins to dl the update and then i guess it has to install after that

  13. Reply
    Todd says:

    12:23 PM CST in Texas and I just received notice in iTunes that the update was available. Downloading now. The notice indicated it would take an hour for the update to complete.

  14. Reply
    mike says:

    its up im dl the new iphone update now!!!!!!!!!!!! it says about 15 mins to dl the update and then i guess it has to install after that

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    magic music44 says:

    her in ny EST its avalible then you upgrade u wait the 8 or so min then it says your internet connection timed out try again later ! no cool APPLE!

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    Weemy says:

    i have an iphone 3gs, ive got the new os up and running, after messing about with from last night, i cant see why there was a big hype over it. yes folders but its limited to 12 apps, not good!, and zoom not available on video mode!, did we get all the features as u would on the iphone 4??, also what were 100 new features??

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