iOS 4 Now Live: Reviews and Problems

At last Apple has now made the new iOS 4 software update live and available for download, get on over to iTunes and update now.

The new software update is a massive 315MB and there will be some problems accruing along the way, iTunes has already booted us twice giving us a network connection error message. There are many new features within this new install, which you can read about here.

Please let us know if you encounter any problems what so ever and of course if it all runs smoothly we would love for you to send in your personal reviews, your opinions are important to us and of course our readers.

This update is what all iPhone and iPod fans have been waiting for and we want to hear from you, scroll down a little to the comments area and let us know. Thanks


14 thoughts on “iOS 4 Now Live: Reviews and Problems”

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    Dan says:

    I downloaded it within 2 minutes and it took about 8 minutes to install. Everything went smoothly and everything seems good now. I have been testing it and no problems so far.

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    Dean says:

    IBooks comes to iPhone — erm no it doesn't, the app is still only recognised as a iPad app and will not allow me to sync it with the phone, dissapointed 🙁

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    simon says:

    Downloaded and installed and now the iphone wont turn on, says I have the latest software installed. I just get the apple logo with a bar that goes about 1/3 up and them restarts!! great upgrade apple thanks, can even make a call on this thing now let alone multi task!

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    Luis Felipe says:

    problems with the internet connection, says, that the server is down, call ATT problem persist, works fine with WIFI 2. tried 2 times and the error persist.

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    Felix Carr says:

    I downloaded the latest ios4 for my 3GS. The problem that I am expperience is that most of the time I do not have service. Th reception is poor. What can I do

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    ikhan says:

    I upgraded successfully on my IPhone 4. The only odd / annoying thing I noticed is now when I play videos and when the video ends it auto start from the beginning, as to before they would just end?

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    Gordon says:

    Did all the down loads but keeps coming up with a error try down load manual way to see if that fixes problem but it still won't allow the updates to run what should I try next working to try getting my Ipad updated.

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    Laura says:

    Downloaded successfully on my 3G (or so iTunes tells me), but I can't see, locate, or detect any of the supposed "upgrades" on my phone. Everything was cleared out of my iPod app – no files there for some reason. When trying to access my voicemail, I'm prompted for a password (never had one before). My husband's phone crashed altogether – won't turn on at all. Very disappointed – we're hoping someone at the Genius Bar can help us.

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