iOS4 and iPhone 4 Release Review: The Case of Success or Hype

Apple has achieved so much with its new iPhone 4 and so much so that they are struggling to keep up with demand, I have personally ordered the new smartphone but will not receive it until July 14, so how will the new iOS 4 release do?

When it comes to Apple sometimes it is the case of success or hype and most of the time Apple fans say its success and iPhone haters just blatantly call it hype, this is why we are asking you for your opinion.

Apple is releasing its new iOS 4 software today, which will be available to download via iTunes and we can see many of you having trouble downloading, so many of you as soon as it is released will be trying at the same time, which normally results in major delays.

The new iPhone 4 will come with the new iOS4 pre-installed and the download will be available today for the 3G and 3GS iPhone, the most popular feature that will be a success has to be multitasking, other main features will include: Categorized App Folders, Wallpapers for Home Screen, iBooks, Unified Inbox, Persistent Wi-Fi, 5x Digital Camera Zoom, Bluetooth Keyboard Support, Game Centre, plus Portrait Orientation Lock, Compass App Support, iAd, Tap to Focus, App Gifting, App Specific Location Setting, Rotate and Resize Photos and Custom Dictionary. Please remember some of these features will not be on the iPhone 3G. Vote for your Main Feature Here

We can see many complaints coming in today about not being able to get the new iOS 4 download, if you do want to say something please do in our comments area provided below.

Will this new software update be the case of yes it is brilliant and so happy with it or the case of yes its cool but now it is boring please give us some more features. Personally this is the best update ever to come to an iPhone or iPod and multitasking is definitely my key feature, multiple apps running at the same time is just what we need.

Please let us know if you have problems with downloading the new iOS 4 and of course once downloaded send in your personal reviews and opinions.


2 thoughts on “iOS4 and iPhone 4 Release Review: The Case of Success or Hype”

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    SES says:

    Don't forget though that the individual apps will need to be updated (by the developers first and then by yourself) in order for multitasking to be effective.

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    Andrew says:

    When i read there will be a 100 new features and having downloaded and using ios4 (still no custom message ringtone) and realised it's really 10.0. 100 new features my arse.

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