iOS4 Release: How to force Apple iTunes for updates!

Apple will be releasing the new iOS 4 for the iPhone and iPod today and many of you will be sitting there with your smart device connected to iTunes clicking to update button, that’s right click it again.

Expected release time will happen between 9 and 10 am Pacific time, thanks to TMO they have some tips on how to force iTunes for the new iOS software updates, read on for the know how.

Just follow these simple steps to force iTunes for the new iOS 4 upgrade, open up iTunes on your PC or Mac, then connect your iPhone or iPod to your computer and select your device on the left and then click the summary tab, then click the update tab, if the update is available it will change from 3.1.3 to iOS 4

Just do what we are doing by following the above, this way you know straight away when it is available for download. Nothing worse than finding out it is ready and you have not connected and synced to iTunes and when you finally do the site has been running very slow because every one is downloading at once.

Please let us know what feature you are waiting for the most from iPhone iOS 4 by voting on our poll.


4 thoughts on “iOS4 Release: How to force Apple iTunes for updates!”

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    Chris says:

    What a terrible article, I agree with Steven. This is even how Apple recommends to update your iPhone!

  2. Reply
    Steven says:

    This is dumb. That’s not “forcing” an update… That’s just *checking* if any update is available from Apple’s server. If iOS4 hasn’t been loaded up by Apple, then iTunes’ll just tell you that no updates are available. You cannot possibly download that which doesn’t exist on a server. *Facepalm*

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