iPhone 4 Accessories from Belkin

In a few days time you should be receiving your nice new shiny iPhone 4 handset, and you know you’ll want to keep that gorgeous looking device as new looking for as long as possible, so you should by now be on the lookout for a few iPhone 4 accessories.

Well Belkin now have a range of iPhone 4 accessories for your consideration and include such accessories as the Verve Folio case for the iPhone 4 which costs just $29.99, or if you like to carry your iPhone 4 on your arm there is the DualFit Armband which is cheaper at $24.99 while the FastFit Armband for iPhone 4 costs $29.99.

Belkin also offer the Shield Eclipse for iPhone 4 which come in Vivid Blue, Royal Purple, Black Pearl and White Pearl, although all are currently “coming soon” and will command a price tag of $29.99.

There are also three types of iPhone 4 protective screen overlays, ClearScreen, PrivateScreen, and MatteScreen and all cost $14.99 each, so if you need a few iPhone 4 accessories for your sexy new device then hit up the Belkin website for more.