iPhone iOS 4 Downloading Problem: Network Connection

We here at phonesreview.co.uk have tried to download the new iPhone iOS 4 update and have come across a downloading problem.

We went into iTunes like you do and clicked update, everything seemed to be fine and running normally after following on-screen instructions and a message box appeared showing an error.

The Problem Message Said: There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone “XXXXXXX” the network connection was reset, make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or try again later.

Well this has happened twice and like we said earlier we knew there will be issues, please let us know if you have the same problem, we would love to hear from you.

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  • http://www.directcommunications.us chris

    my update worked just fine

    • arlen 2

      I finally got the update to work and the way if worked was to shut off my antivirus and firewall protection. This allowed me to download and update my phone to the new edition. Just wanted to share that with everyone….Arlen2

      • onMYway

        thanks alooooooooooot man

  • http://brettmal.blogspot.com brett

    i am having the same problem…i thought it might be because i am trying to update at work and thought it might be the firewall…but since other people are having the problem maybe it is just the volume of people trying to install iOS 4.

  • I'measalypissed

    Mine is stuck on the backup 4 some reason! the backup loading bar hasent even started moving! soooo pissed.

    • Ben

      Did you figure out how to fix the problem? Because mine is doing the same thing.


      urgh mine is stuck too. it like gets part way then crashes and starts again. i cant reboot it and it's been like this for 2 days now. wtf.

    • 3Guser

      I have a 3G, and i'm having the same problem. It gets stuck on the backup. I have tried 4 times now, with a process that takes soooooo long (overnight) with no successful results.

  • Kev

    I got an error when updating my Ipod touch 64GB and am now stuck in limbo. I am unable to restore my ipod now. Bit p’d off at this

  • dean,m


  • coloneljgj

    I had no problems downloading the update.

  • http://brettmal.blogspot.com Brett

    I have the same problem….i am trying to update my phone at work and though it might be my firewall…but i see other people are having the same problem.

    probably just the volume of people trying to get it.

  • Jimmy Anderson

    I’ve had this happen thrice now. Twice when it was near completion… I’m very pissed.

    • mavin

      the download tells me it will take 5 plus hours.

    • sam bannister

      i had the same house problem and it popped up with the problem screen after it had completed. i have now tried downloading ios 4 10 times and i am getting very pissed of!!

      • Diana

        Mine usually screws up after it is all downloaded (an hour or two) and then it says it's processing update and that message about the Network Connection keeps coming up. I've downloaded TinyUmbrella because I read somewhere else it helps, but still nothing.

    • Chickoo

      I had the same problem. So I selected the option thats says 'Download only'. It ran for about 80 minutes but the d/l worked this time. Now I have to pluck up the courage and INSTALL the OS on my iPhone. I have been advised not to do this by friends who have had some problems after the upgrade.

    • arlen2

      I got the same result when trying to update my IPHONE4, and I do not understand why it will tell me that the internet timed out. I even tried to plug my laptop directly into the modem thinking that that would be the problem but to no avail. I keep trying hoping that it will be updated and take away the problem but nothing as of this date 101007….has anyone figured out how to get the update to work…


      • mlysa

        i got exactly the same problem.
        bad issue here. i don't get it.
        anyone, help?

  • Martin Fisher

    I have the problem of clicking the update button to find it returning the comment of "you have the the latest version of iTunes installed already" yes however next to the update button it says my phone needs updating to OS 4 :(

    • Brad Tuttle

      I'm having the exact same problem. Did you ever find out what we need to do to load the update?

  • Lee

    I;ve had the same problem, trying again now.

  • Coral

    I'm having the same problem!

  • Martin Fisher

    Sorry my problem sorted now I had to download iTunes 9.2 which bizarrely I couldn't do via iTunes and had to do in software update.

  • Daniel

    got the same problem on my 3gs in Latvia. Connection fail and cannot download it.

  • rich

    my software has downloaded after 1 hour and now has just froze after 2 hours updating! i have had to start the whole process over again! P155ED OFF

  • Steve

    I clicked on the update as soon as it became available and everything worked without a problem.
    Phone 32GB 3GS

  • stuart

    my phone has died and will not restore it keeps coming up with an 21 error??

  • garton

    thrice still trying

  • nick

    ive tried 3 times and got exactly the same fault near the end of the download

  • Perry

    I get the same error. I've tried 4 times.

  • Andrew

    Yeah happening to me too. Pissing me right off.

  • William

    Same! Trying to do it at home? anyone ended up fidnding a way around this ?

    • Itunes

      You need to download the latest version of apple itunes that was realeased 2 days ago

      • jack shrimpton

        i have downloaded itunes 9.2 but it wont download the update for my ipod touch

  • Ste

    Same problem here, very slow donwload and keeps stopping with the 'the network connection was reset, make sure your network settings are correct ' error…. 4 times noW!!!

    • taylor

      me too!!

    • Melissa

      me, too. I am SOOOOO sick of this….not only do I have problems with my Ipod (issues with music playback with or without headphones, on my Bose docking station, etc) I know cannot download iOS4. talking with an apple rep. made me believe it's a problem only I have but I can see it's not true. SOOOO pissed.

  • ollie

    been sitting here for 4 hours trying to update y iphone 3gs it seems to get so far and then come up with that error msg. very noying

  • Mike

    Had exactly the same thing happen three times now – once after an hour of downloading!!!! Not happy.

  • tray

    my iphone is stuck in recovery mode now after trying to download the upgrade and i carnt get it to work x

    • http://www.facebook.com/deann.talbot Dean Talbot

      SAME!!! have you fixed it ? if you have what did you do ????????

    • MUFC

      Try using TinyUmbrella to kick it out of recovery mode. Download it from thefirmwareumbrella site.

  • Chris

    This has happened 8 times to me now and I have still not downloaded it!!! Why does it not even remember where it had a problem and pick up where it left off? instead it starts again arrrrrrrggggggggg!!!!!!!

    • chrissy

      Why does it not even remember where it had a problem and pick up where it left off? instead it starts again arrrrrrrggggggggg!!!!!!! >> I've actually been thinking of this!!

  • gez

    argh – 4th time!!! NOOOOO!!!!

  • Elliott

    Same problem!

  • Holly

    Im on my 5th attempt at home with nothing else running, am going to give up soon :o(

  • Shelley

    I had exactly the same error after it took nearly 3 hours to download!!!!!!

  • Mark M

    Happened to me twice. Now trying a third time and it's telling me 2 hours to download the update. Apple is ill-prepared for the volume of users they now have.

  • Amit

    same problem….its happened 3 times now….almost always at the same point

  • Fred Cross

    i tried updating about 34 times and still not working. f u c k APPLE with a worm!

  • fuckingiphone

    Can anyone help me what a **** can I do? I tried to install the new softeware and at the and always a same alert appears: "There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone. The network connection timed out. Error – 3259"

    I tried about 20 times and I got the same message over and over again. My internet connection is good…

  • Ellie

    Mine is the same … has done it twice now, but i want to get the download done !

  • Scott

    Same problem 6 times now…still dont have it. I bet they are just to busy. Try it tomorrow.

  • John

    Same problem

  • nick

    ugh it happened to me too :(

  • Joe Bach

    I've tried 3 times in a row now. There's is nothing wrong with my network connection.

  • drew

    Same exact problem here. No fix that I know of.

  • Kendra

    I'm having the same problem. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  • Kevin

    I had the same problem… Tried many times to download it and eventually I restarted the PC, put the phone in the cradle, told iTunes to download only and left the phone in the cradle. It worked!

  • Robert

    Trying at home. Same problem. Has reset at least 5 times. Would be ok if it restarted itself, but you have to click ok and start again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000505215621 Austyn Carroll

    Same here! Thank god it isn't the new mac I just got..

  • Bio

    i have had this happening to me all day


    keeps happening over and over and over and over… IT JUST DID IT AGAIN!!!!

  • Jordan

    I have the same problem

    and I’ve download it four to five times and have used different networks idk what’s wrong

  • Christiano

    I have been having the same problem all day. I get that message when I am at 377.9 mb. I am on my wireless network at home, but have tried other networks, all to no avail. I am really starting to get upset, every time I have to upgrade I go through this.

  • jeanne

    same message as you got, been trying for the last two hours and it's the same error message. I went to itunes support, but support is down for updating…so could that be the problem?

  • Jeanne

    same message as you got, been trying for the last two hours and it’s the same error message. I went to itunes support, but support is down for updating…so could that be the problem?

  • Nattyooo

    Had this happen numerous times. Tried turning firewalls off but to no avail. :( tried 3 times this morning about 5 last night, it just ends up with the same error. Very annoyed and disappointed really

    • Robster

      I had this error message all night, until I turned the airplane mode on then it sailed through, hope this helps

  • pris

    i am sick enough already, tried more than 10 times already!!!! but every time end up with There was a problem downloading the software for the iPod ‘User’s iPod Touch’. The network connection timed out.!!!

  • Carol

    Downloaded update yesterday on my 3GS after 3 goes. Today I'm trying to update my hubbys phone an it been stuck on backing up iPhone fir nearly 2 hrs now I've even restarted the pc an it's still stuck in backing up mode

    • Karen

      Exactly what is happening to me…. can't seem to find a fix anywhere. It appears either you have no problem at all or it's a major issue. Wondering if its 3g v. 3gs and later

  • Dan

    Same happening with me. Tried about 10 times since last night and still no luck, very annoying

  • Mike

    I'm having the same download probem. Hit the problems 4 times and am still trying to download.


  • Wil

    I had the same issue. Re-installed iTunes.. ended up there was a missing/corrupt file iTunes was looking for "applesync…..dll". After re-install of iTunes 9.2, iPhone OS4 download went fine.

  • Luke

    I had the same problem, I actually lost the OS. I finally went to the Apple store and they restored the phone with the new update.

  • Dan The Man

    Try this;

    hold power and home keys simultaneously for 10 secs or so, until apple logo appears.

    Release power button but still keep holding home button until the USB lead and the Itunes logo appear then release the home button.

    Connect phone to PC and run iTunes (version 9.2 for installing iOS 4) iTunes will detect phone is in recovery mode and update it with the latest software and your latest back up of your TOONS and APPS.



    • Karen

      OMG I will try this when I get home….. hope this works. Thanks!

  • http://tdu2.co.uk/blog/ TDU2

    I'm downloading now for the 4th time. This is really getting to me! Argh,sort it out apple!

  • mea

    mines says exactly the same thing! but i couldn't update the last version either.. :@ idk whats the problem, or what i should do..

  • jeni

    ok i did it and i had the same 3259 error i just stopped all my anti virus and all my firewall disabled then i started it and it went through ! make sure u check all anti virus are disabled!

  • luis

    same problem

  • theo

    try to disable antivirus, worked for me

  • ComputerNERD

    It's your firewall. Had the same problem twice, disabled my anti-virus software and worked like a charm.

  • guest

    Same problems on different networks even. Tried 4 times. I just upgraded it to a frisbee. That worked.

  • Nathan

    update is a complete farce, a joke! So fed up with apple software, it stinks! Plus having to use itunes for everything is such a slow program anyhow. Wonder when i can get the os4. Error each time i try to download it from itunes 9.2!! Not happy. Wasting time with technololy that does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000188485352 James Francis

      its pants isnt it !!

  • Long Duck Dong

    Mine update is stalled at "backing up iPhone' for over 2 hours. I rebooted computer and phone and tried again, same issue…..Apple is getting worse than Microsoft….I'm getting a Droid!

  • Julia

    it helps if you stay on the computer, moving the mouse, and keeping it busy, because everytime i left to go do something else, the network connection failed, so maybe this has something to do with it XD also, this is my 5th time, before tryign it

  • bob

    Well I tried updating to os4 but instead my iPhone has done a restore instead WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skova

    I’m really tired,upset and super frustrated with the download.I was very excited about it at first because the first time I started the download,it went up to 50 minutes of thr download remaining before the idiotic message box popped up saying there was connection error and something about reset so I thought since I was using the broadband network at the hotel I’m staying,that caused the problem since it might be unstable but then again I’m not very sure either.Well,I tried 3 times too.Once,I Had only 30 minutes of download time remaining before that stupid message popped up.I’m returning home today to see if the thing happens again.Or maybe we should all just wait for a few days before the traffic slows?

  • Lyle

    same here!!! tried several times as well. it's very frustrating. even tried direct download of ipsw in several help links but itunes won't recognize it, says it's not correct firmware for my device (3gs). guess it's not wise trying to rush in on the upgrade now that there are reports of bugs, corrupt data & brick modes.

  • Stefan

    same problem, i am in Slovakia.

  • Brian

    Well I was up till 2Am, and my phone has been on a constant restore, then crashes. Then woke up at 5Am to try again and now I have a shiny paper weight, not impressed apple!

  • Vaper

    Here in UK clicked on restore about 18:10 on 21st. took about 15 mins to download update and another 20 to install. Only problem i had was after sorting all Apps into folders they then spread over 5 screens. Done it again and so far no problems. Didnt lose any thing as saved photos on pc then synced them back after. Phone running faster now. 3GS 16 GB

  • Update iTunes

    For ALL who are having issues, you MUST have the lastest version of iTunes in order for the update to work properly. Apple released a new version of iTunes to work with iOS4.

  • Kevinn

    i have the same problem here. i’ve tried it for 6 times now. what the hell is happening??

  • Nathan

    Same problem here. I’ve tried to download it approximately 20 times from three different (perfectly adequate) connections in India. It always craps out before the end, and has to re-start from the beginning each time.

    I already suspected that my next phone would be an Android; now I *know* that it will.

  • Rachael

    it downloads completely then waits for a couple of seconds before saying connection fault -3259, its like it downloads it then looses all the information- resets its self- then i try again :s

  • Chris

    Solution here, I was once like you… Uninstall iTunes and reinstall version 9.2, even if you think you already have the right version. Worked for me after the FIRST try when i did this.

    Good luck!


    • melissa

      i have done this and it still doesn't work!!!!!

  • Chris

    Solution here, I was once like you… Uninstall iTunes and reinstall version 9.2, even if you think you already have the right version. Worked for me after the FIRST try when i did this.

  • Behnam

    Ive had this problem since it came out, must of tried 20 or so times?? im using nod32 antivurus, i just turned this off and it worked! try your firewall setting etc..

  • Marc

    I tried at least 10 times… it isnt the volume of the people… this just suckss….!!

  • Jorgen

    I had the 3259 problem. Tested with almost everything without success. Until i disabeld my virus program (NOD32). After that it worked great!


  • Miku

    Mine is stuck on the back up bar also. It worked fine for my sisters iPod, but when I tried to update mine it just will not work. Also on her iPod it's freezing like every ten minutes and her mail won't even load. I'm guessing iOS 4 ain't too sharp…

  • Sally

    my 3G isn't downloading either…It's hung up on the backing up part. it sat for 6 hours on my computer and only got halfway loaded. something isn't right with that…

  • JON

    same here, the only people I know who have had no probs are using MACs looks like apple are screwing PC users !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000188485352 James Francis

    tried to download about 50 times now . stops every time at377.9 !! ffs

  • http://www.facebook.com/deann.talbot Dean Talbot

    Well, i download it at it said it might take over an hour, and 2 hours later i pressed stop and then started again, it went much quicker and left it to do it by itself, and then i looked back and it said there was an error, and now my iphone wont even turn on, when i plug it back it it starts recovering and then my phone restartes then it says there was an error again, so now it doesnt work one bit :( :@

  • Paul

    I tried several times to upload to OS4. I have updated Itunes, used different computers and have had no luck. I couldn't get it to finish loading to my wifes 3GS. It would start backing up and got about 3/4 done and then would not move further. My 3G started backing up and never went further.

    I am so glad I waited before jumping on the IPhone 4.

    I see hundreds of comments about problems.

    My son was able to download to his 3GS in 45 minutes.

    Everyone jumping on the bandwagon and another area where there Apple and ATT did not properly plan for.

  • pilar

    same here, I can’t update software and this is like the 5th time.. any suggestions?

  • http://jibenow.com/brianfactor Brian

    Same problem when trying to update my iPod Touch.

    (I am using windoze, is that the problem?)

  • marsha;;

    does it take a lond time to backup or whatever ive had mine pluged in for a day

  • Biglad

    ive had all the same problems everyone else has had until i disabled my antivirus just for this download.

    spot on now.

  • mike dicks

    I am unable to download itunes 9.2 upgrade on my Mac using O2 Mobile Broadband. O2 customer services told me the O2 mobile broadband is for downloading emails only and is only a back up for a landline. This is rubbish as i have always been able to download all updates for my Mac and iphone until 9.2. There is obviously an issue here and i have emailed O2 for an explanation. As yet they have confirmed receipt of my mail but not a solution. Without 9.2 I am unable to update my iphone 3GS to os14.

  • Richard

    Exactly the same. First with the itunes auto update and now with the #$*! ios update. Got itunes working by using a download manager, but how to get itunes to delegate the damned downloading of ios?

  • Chev

    This is my 4th try right now, and I dont think its lookin too good. I think it really might be the millions of pplz out there tryin to download it right now. Maybe wait a couple days and try again… I've heard troubleshooters say restart, update iTunes, that kinda stuff. I think its just a server overload. They should have anticipated this crap.

  • chrissy

    I've been trying to download OS 4 three times already and I always encounter the same problem every time, just when there's like 5 seconds time remaining. I'm so frustrated. Mine says network connection timed out though. My itunes is updated so i don't see why it's happening to me.

  • Nick…

    Same problem, Network timed out, been trying all week still no luck. E-mailed Itunes support but totally useless.

  • chandru

    mine sucks tooo….. gonna beat the support….already wasted so much time…

  • Collen

    I’d all the same problems.

    Until I’d turn off all the security on my computer, then downloaded again and that worked!

  • Charlieparrot

    Just successfully updated iphone to os4, turning of the firewall seemed to help, my itunes was up to date already. Took about 16 minutes to download. Thank you for the tips on this.

  • Jeff

    DISABLE any anti-virus/spam software before you do the restore. It should work. I had Kaspersky running and tried 4 times but got the time-out error. I read in another forum to disable any antivirus and after doing that it worked.

  • http://www.rigg-access.com Tom

    I've just had this problem, disabled firewall and AV (NOD32) and it went in fine.

  • LNB

    had the same time out (error 3259) problems on itunes 9.2 then rebooted my phone and downloaded update again and worked the 1st time…

  • aaa

    i had the same problem, if you go to the store they can restore it. but i am still not able to download the new software.

  • iphone app guy
  • Tom

    Same old thing…. had problems with the last upgrade. Now I'm having the same problems as you are been messing with it for 5 hours… love the phone but hate Apple. My first iphone broke right at the 2 yr mark new 3g phone is a plastic piece of crap. Was going to buy new Mac desktop but not now. trying to update for third time.

  • sarah

    i have tried like 15 times and it keeps saying that "network conection failed" please help

  • Sammi

    I guess they do this on purpose, in no time most of the Apps will only be available for iOS 4, iPhone 4 you know…then you will give in and end up buying iPhone 4.

  • edwama

    Having the same issue. Downloads the update after ten minutes than fails to update…

  • Andy

    what the hell do you all expect half the world is trying to download this update to fix the pile of shit that is os4.00 hence time out errors

  • Belal

    same issue

  • Ahhh

    rebooting my phone and then downloading update really worked for me! my phone is updating right now! :)

  • max

    Disable anti virus then try again worked first time when i did this.

  • Brane


    I had the same problem and I was downloading it for more then 5 times, but then I turned off the firewall and antivirus program (Nod32) and then everything was ok… So try the same thing and I hope it’ll work for u 2! :-)

  • claire

    i have the same problem! does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Paul

    I have this same fault ive had it for 3 days and ive tried so many times its been a waste of electric tbh

  • skirk

    same issue. I've experienced it on my desktop for the last 4 updates they have published. downloads all the way and at the last moment I get the error. I was able to download and update via my laptop all other times. However, this time with 4.0.1, I can't download on either. Both produce the same error.

  • R Maxwell

    Hi all was having same problem, followed advise already posted here.
    1. Disable firewall
    2. Disable anti virus software
    3. connect Phone
    4. start update.
    It should now complete as mine did.

    • bart vaber

      what about those running on mac? we don't use antivirus stuff….
      this is the first time that we have such a problem, it't not the firewall either..

  • bart vaber

    I have the same problem with os 4.0.1.
    pissed off, i hate apple for their quality loss, hate t-mobile for their fucked connectivity at many places!!!
    my next computer might be not apple one, and my next phone might be not iphone..!!

  • vasil levski

    I had the same problem with os 4.0.1.
    on a mac book, i disabled the firewall and it worked ok. dunno if it's a coincidence, or the firewall is a problem for real. but it worked.

    cheers and thanks.

  • caz

    try turning off your auto lock to never on your ipod setting

  • caz

    turn your auto lock to never in your ipod settings

  • AzizMohammad

    MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE LATEST ITUNES UPDATE 9.2 is a must for this update :)

    Read this info and the link


    Last Modified: June 07, 2010
    Article: TS2799
    Old Article: 306098

    One of the following messages may appear in iTunes:

    "iTunes could not connect to the Store. An unknown error occurred (-3259). Make sure your network connection is active and try again."
    "There was an error downloading your music (-3259)"
    When trying to download purchased music, getting error -3259 message in iTunes
    When trying to connect to the iTunes Store, getting error -3259 message
    This may occur if you are using an older version of iTunes, having a network connection issue, or when a Firewall protection system on the computer is blocking some communication ports that iTunes need to have open for full functionality.

    Products Affected
    iTunes Store, Mac OS, iTunes, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows OS
    Update to the latest iTunes software version.
    Try turning off your Firewall to see if the issue is resolved (this includes the built-in Firewall or a third-party Firewall such as Norton Personal Firewall, McAfee, Symantec, etc.). See KB #HT1601 for steps if using Windows. See KB #TS1997 for steps if using Mac OS X.
    Important: Information about products not manufactured by Apple is provided for information purposes only, and does not constitute Apple's recommendation or endorsement. Please contact the vendor for additional information.
    apples support section on the http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2799

  • juro

    I've got the same problem. After download, the error message occurs…tried 3 times.

  • Almir A

    I have the same problem with iTouch 2G… Tied to do Download+Install twice, now doing Download only third time… This is getting me P.O. Why Apple had to come up with great hardware, but terrible software….

  • carl

    Same problem 5X

  • Abdulaziz

    close the firewall then do it again

    best wishes

  • Steverevo

    This worked for me!!! I had the same issue, tried too many times to remember then stumbled across an answer.
    When I plugged my phone in, the window popped up to ask if I wanted to update. I chose to just download and not download and install as I had before. I watched the download progress and as soon as it finished I clicked (myname)'s iphone on the left menu bar. I then clicked update from that window and it kicked into life. The install progress was slow but it finally worked. Good Luck!

  • iya

    im having the same problem and ive tried updating mine for like more than 6 times. does anybody have a solution to this problem already? or we'll just have to try and try until we get through?

  • shafayet

    same problem but having no solution…. i already tried for 6 times in continous 2 days…. i have latest ver of itunes……
    each time it shows 4 to 5 hours of download times……

    pls show me da way………

  • Arunas

    Disabling a firewall ant temporaly switching off antivirus software of my PC worked for me. Before this I have tried to download and install iPhone update at least six times ant everytime I was getting that annoying message about connection timeout at the end of download.

  • Dan

    For some reason my 3gs phone now after the 4.0.2 update, it updated 4 our 5 apps but now it keeps timing out and telling me to check for active conneciton.. also, it keeps wanting me to verify my account info on the phone it self… so it wont update that way either, for some reason it seems to b just this 1 update.. and i have no way to find out the status of the update server, at least not able to find it online.?????

  • Nicholas Macha

    I had this same problem multiple times trying to update to 4.0.2 software, and kept getting the same error message above. The software would download to 378 Mb and then I would get the message. So after trying about ten times, I reluctantly followed the suggestion of disabling my anti virus, and voila! it worked immediately. I am using ESET NOD 32 antivirus so I don't know if any of the rest of you who are experiencing this problem are using the same av, but I temporarily disabled it, and the download worked just fine.

    • Michael

      Same here. NOD32 and iTunes obviously don't play well together.

      After disabling ESET AV, the update worked fine.

  • Tom

    I can't restore too. Anyyone that knows how to solve it? My iPod is almost done cause my sister deleted everything in ifile.

  • pln

    Disabling ESET NOD 32 av worked and was able to download new version.

    • shane o

      yep had the same problem disabling ESET NOD done the trick for me :)

  • Ray

    i tried for days on end all to no avail. hen decided to plug ethernet cable in instead of using wireless, and hey downloaded in no time. Give it a try

  • Bob

    It's happened more than 5 times all at the time of completion. I'm downloading for iTouch though, help?

  • hellmuth

    hi guys…. calm down :) simply disable your firewall and (just in case) your antivirus. Download update. enjoy!

  • Peter

    Had the same problem with 4.1 update (network connection error after full download).. disabling AntiVir&Firewall softwares solved it.

  • John

    I have had the problem 4 times now. Junk!

  • feri

    you dont need the latest version. turn your antivirus and firewall off. its working than

  • PK Mornington

    It's driving me mad. I have tried 8 times today. Error code 3259 is what I get on each occasion. The best so far was around 75% downloaded. Phoned Apple Support and they've offered no help, no assistance and to be honest – really don't seem to be that bothered. Given the price of the iphone 4 and the problems I've experienced with the phone connection, I rue the day I switched from my trusty dependable Blackberry and went over to the iPhone side. Don't get an iphone if you want a reliable tool for work. Steve Jobs – If you're listening – Sort the problem out and get your support guys to say something more useful than You'll just have to keep trying – there's nothing else we can suggest………I can suggest something – a refund to all those who are unhappy with the product so we can go and buy something that works as it should.

  • abuzaid

    all like me with same problem and no one with solution…..!!!!

  • Rob

    seriously people!!! All of those bitching about no solution…. READ THE POSTS!!!!! At least 20 people have stated the same solution. Disable your Antivirus and Windows Firewall.

  • Cybele

    I tried 5 times then just turned off all my antivirus software and firewall and it worked.

  • Graham

    I have just got 3 x I phones for work 2 updated fine with XP the 3rd will not update using Windows 7 Ultimate. I have spoke to several other people having same problem with Windows 7 Ultimate anyone managed to update with windows 7 Ultimate ???

  • Jeff

    I've lost count of the number of times I've tried to download the iOS 4.1 update without success and, yes, I am doing it with firewall and AV disabled.

  • arlen 2

    I have been reading all these reports of the same problem, and what I need to know is, "is there a fix out there" all of these comments are dated like 15 weeks ago or varioations there of…I think it is about time to have a positive answer… Arlen2

  • kinnear

    i have iphone4, i have some problem while i am downloading any games and so on, its showing downloaded but in main screen showing like WAITING all the time, can any body help me please

  • fatima

    the same thing.. for the fifth time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phoneguy

    Try to disable the anti-virus software only for the time downloading and updating the iPhone, this worked for me.

  • ms invictus

    Was having the same problem after i'd disabled my firewall. I decided to give it one last try and opened up my anti virus etc and manually switched each component off. Then tried updating again and it worked. Took about 15 mins. Had also updated to the latest itunes before i did this. Hope this helps :)

  • goober

    tried 3 times same thing everytime !!! wtf !!!

  • Stelara Senta

    I hate my iPhone 4, it takes lots of my time with updating iOS. It always say "your network connection timeout". What is that? My PC connects to Internet 24h. I should not much money with such troublesome device.

  • plaf

    I got the same problem as well. Tried it four times. Finally I solved it by choosing only to download the software update when prompted by iTunes. When the download had finished I once again choose to update the iPhone, and to my surprise it worked.

    I have an iPhone 4 and runs iTunes on an old Lenovo laption PC.

  • steve

    Not working also, how can i fix it :(?

  • Elizabeth

    I have the same problem every single time… i have done it three times on different times. I have the iPod touch though..

  • Shelly

    I just got a new ipod beause my previous one was stolen and when it was returned it was broken. Apple gave me a new one free of charge but it only has version 2.2.1 it says. I cannot download any apps because it requires an update but when I try to update it says my network connection timed out. Tried last night, this morning, afternoon and ive been trying again right now. Bit pissed off, because id really just like my ipod back. I must have tried at least 25 times already.

  • niecey

    so what do i need to do about my network settings.. i am getting the same message

  • Suzie

    Im trying to restore and update my ipod touch, it seems to be working but right at the end a box comes up saying networked timed out blah blah blah… idk what to do i cant even restore my ipod.

  • chuck
  • http://www.imonline.co.il itai

    disable antivirus and it will be fine!!!!

  • salem

    good version of OS 421 I found on btjunkee torrent search site

  • Sandy

    It worked fine just switching off the windows firewall!..thx

  • annoyed

    tried 6 times network times out near the end damn stupid Apple

  • Catherine

    Had same issues regarding download but switched off firewall and its worked. However…. No music in phone….. Can someone please help me.

    iPhone 3GS

  • Andrew

    i've had the same thing happen each time a try – once a week for the past month!

  • Daniel Garcia

    I am having the same problem witn iOS 4.2 on my iPod Touch, does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Andrew

    I get the same error every time there's a new release. On previous occasions it has completely stuffed the phone and I have had to send it back for "repair" and this time I have had the download fail like this twice. Apple are usually so darn good at making their products just work that I cant believe we have to put up with this crap.

  • c_ygpn2004

    Experienced the same problem when trying to upgrade my iPhone 4 to v4.2.1 on my Win 7 OS PC. Tried many times and got the irritating 'network timed out' message. Decided then to disable my Kaspersky Anti-virus software as suggested by someone in this forum. Well, it works flawlessly without problem.

  • Jen

    not to be rude, but nobody cares if the same thing is happening to you. we need to find a way to resolve the problem and if you know how pls comment away! thank you.

    • Sal

      Problem is antivirus programs and firewalls – turn everything off on your PC

  • Kheng Leong Yuen

    This is shit and have been pissing me off already. High tech phone, but a piece of junk on the process of downloading. Keep on trying and the same error keep on coming out. Such a big company, but can't even get things right??? Apple should do something about this and fast. I can't even turn on my Iphone 3GS now, what a disappointment.

  • sam

    stop crying and if u know how to fix give the solutions

  • onMYway

    am trying to update it while am typing now and guess what it didnt work << am really mad >> what to do i been looking all over the internet , there is nothing i can find ,and the comments are not helpful !! so please guys help us out thanks , it would be nice to post who to fix this problem and thanks for your time :)

  • Motiejus

    Guys guys guys, try disable your antivirus and firewall for the time you are updating it helps 100% on this error. Chears!

  • P J

    I have the iPhone 4, got it a week after release and haven't been able to update ever because every singke time I try I get that same error. I have the latest iTunes so I don't know what's wrong and i don't want to go intp the apple store every time there's an update, has there been any resolution to the problem?

  • Ratnaman

    Trying from India. Tried 8 times. Firewall & antivirus solution didn’t work. The last time, at the start it said “25 hours”. But I let it run. At the 22 hour point I got the error message! (for those saying “Stop bitching & don’t post if you don’t have the answer” please note the initial post at top — which asks people to state that they have had the problem. Strength in numbers when pointing the problem out to Apple?

  • natty

    after disable antivirus program, i can restore my iphone 4

  • Ramik

    same here, tried many times…

  • wally

    same problem, being trying 4 3 days now :(

  • Mariel Qu

    Same problem with my iPhone 4 16G

  • trinity

    i've been trying for months to update my software, it takes forever and right when it's just about to wrap up, i get that ridiculous error message about my network. now, because i can't update my software, i'm one of those unlucky ones who can't get their dang alarm to function properly. this is some b.s.

  • jacob

    i have the same problem.

  • leb

    im having the same problem…did anyonr find a solution?

  • wodmeisk

    omg same here

  • rizky

    666 MB of download, it said the same think, keep repeating to zero again…. really annoying

  • kingnapo

    I give up trying to download the update, why haven't they fixed the problem

  • jason

    me 2… same problem… any solution???

  • Mudit

    same prob with me as wll

  • Maz

    I tried 4 times but it didn't work. Then I disabled antivirus and firewall and it worked..

  • zarifah

    i got the same problem!! what should i do ?

  • robert

    also having the same problem , have tried five times and no success

  • Adam

    I did a restore back to factory and it downloaded the 4.3.3 and then i restored from the backup i did before. But i did lose most of my apps. Have been redownloading apps since.

  • Anonymous

    I have tried for the last 3 days and it will get about 1/3 of the way downloading and I get the network error….we have a T1 and are not losing connection with any other applications. Very fustrating!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_27ZRGALEUG236WLLIJWHRF2OA4 Maggie Parmelee

    mine would give me the same error message…i then realized that my wi-fi was on. once i turned my wi-fi off the download worked.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Clarke/610974571 Chris Clarke

    Just adding another voice to the chorus. I’ve been unable to update my iPhone for over a month. It just wont complete the download. Get it together Apple.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SCOY3DACB3PGZVIMJUNV4THEMU Michelle

    same exact thing has been happening to me for a week! idk what the hell to do….how do i fix it??

  • Joe Ramirez

    You must deactivate your anti-virus program

  • http://www.facebook.com/abbas.pasha Abbas Pasha

    Abbas guys this afternoon only i did disable the antivirus (Kaspersky) and Microsoft Security Essentials and then downloaded it worked for me. I was having the same issues before doing this!!!

  • Avish

    Everybody, this update issue also applies to iOS5. Kaspersky users and all other users of anti-virus. Disable your software for the period of time it takes to do a complete update, after disabling your anti-virus program. Restart iTunes. And go into cmd and type ipconfig /flushdns

    • lol lol

      where is cmd

    • lol lol

      disabling anti virus ( avira ) and firewwall doesnt work for me …..;( help !!

  • finally

    I couldn’t transfer all my purchases, backup my iPhone or download the new iOS 5 until I disabled my firewall and now everything works.

    • finally

      Oops meant to say disabled my antivirus software.

  • Mdebz

    trying to update to version 5 all went well until i got to “other network”
    what does this mean to me?
    im with telstra n that didnt work …please help

  • Minnidollx

    i have that problem can u help me : its really annoying.

  • 25bravo information tech

    if you go to the Kaspersky and security setting an disable them the down load will be completed i just did the process 30min ago

    • Wawwaw82

      thanks heaps, it did work eventually after i disabled my kaspersky as  u said..

    • Jamila

      You are an genius bless you heart after 2 days final I got my phone unlocked after forgetting my password lol. like you said i disabled 
      Kaspersky and it worked like magic :) xxx

  • Hispar La

    Great, i’ve done it. Thanks 25Bravo. i’ve followed the instructions.

  • Jyotikamal Chd

    Cant update to ios 5 for my ipad through my imac. does i mac have antivirus and fiorewall? how do i turn it off? have gone crazy seeing the error downloading message again and again…even after the 716.1 MB total download it showed error on processing file and again says 0 kb. am using a wifi airport connection. 

  • Sirbrain

    25bravo, thanks for helping me figure this out. Kaspersky was keeping me from downloads/updating my iphone 4 and itunes.

  • Qureah

    have the same problem “there was a problem downloading the software for the iphone the network connection timed out’ … kindly assists

    Location : Kenya

  • Jackbrad22

    Hi how do I uodate my Iphone4 to the iSO5 update, I have tried several times, it gets to the very end of the 790megabytes download then when its ‘processing’ the file it says could not download, check connection settings or try again later?

    Any help would be Great!!

    • Jackbrad22

      PS- I’m in UK…. :)

    • Renee-grace

      The same has happened to me!

  • R Hucker69

    AAAAGH!! So frustrating! Upload all but finished and then I’m told it could not be completed and to try again later.

  • http://www.error3259.com/ Error 3259

    i face this error many times while connecting to itunes, i fixed this error after visiting this blog. thanks for sharing, it was really helpful for me.

  • brohaminct

    I’ve been dealing with the same problem for months — feels like six months or longer.  Happened to go to mall today and decided to pop into Apple store.  I had done this a couple times prior, but the store was mobbed and they couldn’t take walk-ins.  Person recommended updating iTunes, checking blogs, or calling Apple customer service.  I was a little disappointed because I wanted resolution or at least a definitive answer or direction.  Got home and I did call customer service.  Rep felt strongly that problem was anti-virus software protection which needed to be turned off.  I found spot in anti-virus software to disable protection; tried to update phone and still encountered the same error.  Stepped away for a few minutes, then went back to anti-virus.  I have Kaspersky.  Realized in the settings page that there are multiple components listed down left side of page.  The first time I only disabled the first component of the Kaspersky softwared.  I disabled every component. . . tried to update phone in iTunes again. . . and SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Took a couple of hours to update.  By the time I figured it all out and got it running, it was about 11:00 p.m.  I went to bed and let it run over night.

  • brohaminct

    I’ve been dealing with the same problem for months — feels like six months or longer.  Happened to go to mall today and decided to pop into Apple store.  I had done this a couple times prior, but the store was mobbed and they couldn’t take walk-ins.  Person recommended updating iTunes, checking blogs, or calling Apple customer service.  I was a little disappointed because I wanted resolution or at least a definitive answer or direction.  Got home and I did call customer service.  Rep felt strongly that problem was anti-virus software protection which needed to be turned off.  I found spot in anti-virus software to disable protection; tried to update phone and still encountered the same error.  Stepped away for a few minutes, then went back to anti-virus.  I have Kaspersky.  Realized in the settings page that there are multiple components listed down left side of page.  The first time I only disabled the first component of the Kaspersky softwared.  I disabled every component. . . tried to update phone in iTunes again. . . and SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Took a couple of hours to update.  By the time I figured it all out and got it running, it was about 11:00 p.m.  I went to bed and let it run over night.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7FN7EC7E6XMEZ5FRNTACWXBVTU Haji Nawab


  • alexis

    the same thing happened to me, but hwo do i fix it?cause i dont have any anti virus, and it still keeps stopping, any ideas?

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