O2 iPhone 4 Priority for Existing Customers Only

O2 is out to make existing customers happy with its limit on the new Apple iPhone 4 smartphone, because of high demand and limited stock it seems existing customers will get priority.

According to Mobile News O2 has said that the new iPhone 4 will be available only for existing customers when it launches on Thursday June 24, as long as you are a home phone, mobile broadband or home broadband customer you will get to purchase it first, now there is loyalty for you.

O2, Carphone Warehouse, Apple stores, Phones 4u and Best Buy will have the iPhone 4 June 24, the device will NOT be available on the O2 Online shop until late July.

O2 sores will open from 8:02am on June 24, good for O2 to look after is customers and supply what they want. Please let us know if you have gone direct to Apple and pre-ordered the iPhone 4.

Reminder: Today ois the day when the new iPhone iOS 4 will release, we will kepp you posted on when it is officially ready for download, please read all about the iOS 4 right here.

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