Orange UK Looks at HD Calls Technology as Future

The future is bright, the future is HD calling, well that’s what Orange would have you believe as they trial their new HD Voice service with a view to having a national roll out sometime later in the year.

According to an article over on the Telegraph by Matt Warman, Orange UK’s HD tech more than doubles the frequency range for voice calls, and apparently Orange has said there will ne no impact of their network’s performance.

The head of voice and messaging products as Orange, Andrew Warner has said “The aim is to make it seem as though you are talking to someone in the same room – you will be able to make a call from a football match or concert and actually have a normal conversation. We think this will become the norm for calls and feedback from everyone who has trialled it is that it is very good.”

The new way of encoding speech has been designed to isolate voice from background noise, and will require anyone who wants to use HD voice to buy a new mobile phone, which Orange has apparently said they will offer as a free handset to existing customers.

However, it could be some time before Orange HD Voice is rolled out across the entire UK; although word has it Nokia and Sony Ericsson have begun incorporating the new tech in several of their devices.

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