iOS 4 iPad Keyboard Demo with iPhone 3GS: Video

Along with the release of iOS 4 comes the ability to play nice between your iPhone 3GS and a keyboard via Bluetooth which is in iOS 4, and just so you can see that it works well we have a video demo for your viewing pleasure below.

The iOS 4 Keyboard demonstration comes our way courtesy of Paul Lamkin over at Pocket-lint and the footage lasts just over four minutes, and the neat thing about this video is that not only do you get to see that the iOS 4 keyboard works fine, but you get to see how it gets along using an iPad keyboard dock.

Apparently the iPad keyboard done works fine with the iPhone 3GS of course as long as you are running iOS . Typing works good, and the home buttons and media controls are all fine.

But you don’t want me to tell you all about it, you want to see for yourselves right? Okay, skips past all this if you haven’t already done so, prod your mouse on that play button, sit back and enjoy.

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