iPhone 3GS iOS 4: Are You Experiencing AT&T Loss of Data?

The new Apple iPhone iOS 4 software update has had a few small ups and downs and the latest complaints is about the AT&T unlimited data plan.

We found via TiPB some news about a customer who has the Apple iPhone 3GS; he updated his smartphone with the new iOS4 software update on his AT&T iPhone and experienced problems with data connection.

After the much anticipated software update of the year for Apple iPhone fans he could not even make calls after downloading the update, after contacting AT&T after this problem he was told that there have been some isolated incidents of Apple iPhone 3GS with iOS 4 where unlimited data plans cannot connect to the network.

Apparently Apple is working on a fix right now, Apple did however put his name on the contact list so they can notify him when the issue has been resolved.

We would love to hear from AT&T Apple iPhone 3GS owners who have downloaded the new iOS 4 update who is having the same problem, please let us know in the comments area provided below. Thanks


66 thoughts on “iPhone 3GS iOS 4: Are You Experiencing AT&T Loss of Data?”

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    Stuart says:

    I downloaded the new iOS4 software last night and everything was fine until this morning when i went to read an e-mail and the screen went white and then the phone crashed and i have not been able to switch it back on since !!! i have had the phone since February and had no problems until i downloaded the new software, will let you know what the outcome is.

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    Asif says:

    Same problem here.I am in UAE on du network unlimited data plan.after updating ios4 on my 3GS data network is not working

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    Rohan Bhatt says:

    I am a 3gs owner who has just recently updated to ios4. I can make and receive calls, and the phone appears to be connected to the 3g network (from the full bars and little 3g symbol in the upper left-hand corner of the screen) but will not actually do anything that requires use of the data plan (i.e. will not load anything in safari or mail). When I try to open a page in safari, I get a little pop up with an error message saying "server has stopped responding"

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      Colin says:

      Well, it's good to know I'm not alone…

      You'd think with all the freaky Apple paranoia, they'd at least make decently working products, what with the iPhone 4 antenna thing and then this

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    Mdub says:

    Since I updated my iPhone with the iOS4 system I have been receiving the “unable to connect to iTunes” error message in the app store and iTunes (mobile). It does seem to be more of an issue when NOT connected to wifi, but I still do receive the same error on occasion either way. It’s quite frustrating. Sometimes I can view the apps or songs, but when I go to view them by selecting them separately, I get the error message.

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    Tony says:

    I updated my 3GS yesterday and had data for a couple hours, then it completely went out. I can still make calls, but I can't surf the web and most of my apps do not work since they require an internet connection.

    1. I updated to ios 4 and now I can not connect to the internet. Stayed on the phone with AT&T for two hours with no results. I am on a business trip and can not receive emails on my phone.

  6. I have the same exact problem. I can only make phone calls and send basic text messages. However, I cannot play any games that use data, or send emails, or browse the web at all. Its extremely inconvenient, and I didn't even bother calling AT&T as I knew it was due to the update. I just wonder how long until it should be fixed.

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    ragu says:

    after updating to the ios 4 software the phone wont connect with the nextwork.. only can use email, maps, etc when im connected with wifi

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    ace says:

    Space ace
    i am having the same problem, i downloaded the new ios 4 software and now i can not surf the net nor can i get emails, i can't even set up my email accounts. called up apple and they told me to do a full rstore to factory setting . problem is then i loose all my pictures and contacts. their has to be a better way. even after doing this i have no idea if the problem will be solved.

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    Mwellis says:

    same complaint! Can not send multimedia messages anymore, but I am paying a monthly fee for it. Being a loyal customer since 1993, I feel we should have been made aware of the issue before hand. Not a happy customer right now. Seeing as 90% of my job is done by using my phone and my old options.

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    Curtis says:

    i have the same problem. i cannot surf the web or use any apps that require the internet while on a phone call. its been a real downer. does anyone know if iphone4's are having the same problem if you have an unlimited data plan grandfathered in?

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      fulwild says:

      yes same problem with grandfather iP4 also was switched to enterprise data plan w/o my knowledge at some point. see my full post.

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    Ian says:

    When I update to Ios 4 my phone has been very sketchy on the service end. Sometimes my phone wont even ring and I will receive voicemails hours after they were left. And on top of that I was having issues restoring my phone from backup. The phone kept popping up with an error in itunes and eventually ended up saving over my most current restore. I lost all my contacts and such from the last 6 months.

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    Jeff says:

    I have an iphone4 with the grandfathered data plan, and I've been having frustrating issues with my data connection cutting out since I got the phone.

    I'm considering returning it and sticking with my Nexus One. I've been nothing but unhappy with this phone since the day it arrived.

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    Chris says:

    If you're experiencing an issue where the iPhone refuses to access network data (Web pages [Safari reports "Safari can't open the page because it can't find the server."], email, Google Maps data, etc.), the fix may be drop-dead simple:
    Tap Settings
    Tap General
    Tap Reset
    Tap Reset Network Settings
    This will cause your iPhone to restart, and will delete any stored Wi-Fi passwords as well as DNS settings and more. It may, however, restore your ability to join a stubborn wireless network, let you access stalled Web pages, or eliminate issues with EDGE data access that can occur for various reasons.

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    Bill says:

    After upgrading my 6 month old 3GS, the cellular functions work fine, I can make and receive phone calls and connect via 3G. WiFi will not connect, or in the few instances it does it drops after a few seconds. I have switched off the WiFi for now and am living on 3G; but as one person mentioned this means that ATT is going to have a lot more traffic on their network.

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    Michelle says:

    The same thing happened to my 3GS which I upgraded last night. If some one comes up with a fix please let all of us know.

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    ruach34 says:

    I have also experienced problems after upgrading to OS 4 on my 3Gs. I downloaded to OS 4 last week and just today cannot connect to the internet. I have also had some spotty email problems such as not being able to send etc… Another issue is the significant battery drains. i can almost watch the percentage drop. Just this morning I went from 100% to 57% from 8:00 to 11:20am. Hhmmmm, not impressed so far…

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    Jerry says:

    Updated last night-no internet connection this morning. You plug in your phone to itunes and it tells you there is an update only to fine it basically kills your phone. What is going on here?

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    Rich says:

    I have a 3Gs and upgraded to OS 4 and have seen more issues with the phone afterwards. Today, suddenly, I cannot connect to the internet and have had some spotty email problems. I have also noticed significant battery drains and can almost watch the battery percentage drop. Hhmmmm, not too pleased so far…

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    iphone says:

    if you go into settings and change from the 3g network to off and turn on the edge network it will work that is what i had to do and i got all my messages .. it will be slower then 3g but it works on the edge network still so its a fix until they solve the problem

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    Chad says:

    To Chris –
    AT&T had me do that on the phone a week ago. It worked, but the next day, it did not. Sorry, it's not a fix.

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    fulwild says:

    Same problems in US Columbus Ohio. iphone 4 1st phone never connected out of the box purchased at ATT store . returned to apple store and they replaced it 2nd iP4 worked fine for about 12 hours then lost cell data. just get spinning wheel. I also have unlimited data plan. My phone was an upgrade from a 3gs that had OS$ installed and I didnt notice any data problens but had only upgraded for about 12 hours before switching. for what its worth 3gs was still turned on whhen they switched the number to the IP$ and they at some point switched me to enterprise data plan by mistake and was then switched back to regular unlimited data plan.. dont know the sequense of events with the switch to enterprise data and back butATT support had to do a "manual override" to get me to the unlimited plan. Maybe on overnight backup at ATT the "Manual Override"s are being canceled leaving us with no data plans? new posters on this thread please post your data plan Does this affect anyone othe than people with unlimited plans?

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    Mike Brown says:

    I am in the US just upgraded to 4.0 and Im having this same problem… the 3G icon appears but nothing works that is internet related! 🙁

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    Stuart says:

    3gs doesn't hardly function as a reliable phone anymore cuz of my ios4. have difficulty sending texts. must hit-rend 5x for it finally to go through. it was working great before. has had no accidents or damage. is in encased safely and is relatively new. the only variable change was ios4. its amazing how patient i am with this issue though, cuz i strongly support apple. in any case, i sure hope they fix it soon.

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    kurtis says:

    i plugged my iphone 3gs into my computer and when it conected to itunes something popped up and i downloaded it on my phone (because i downloaded the iphone4 and it wouldnt work) and its working fine now i can access the internet and use mt apps

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    Probilt says:

    I have downloaded iso4 on my 3gs, i'm on a trip now and cannot use anything that requires the internet. just gives message " cannot connect to the internet. Wifi connects and then drops off. I also have full bars and the 3g symbol in the upper left corner. When connected to wifi it has the wifi symbol even when it drops the connection.
    Really frustrated can't even use the maps program to find my way around the new city I'm in……

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    probilt says:

    I fixed problem after upgrading to ios 4, can't connect to internet etc. you back up your phone, and restore as new phone using itunes.
    After that, sync using itunes. u can get back your apps, contacts, calendars etc. works for me but i lost my text messages.

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    Nemo says:

    I cannot use3G on my 3gs after I updated to iOS4. I spoke to ATT for an hour and we reset and did tests. Finally they told me to switch back to edge only (3G off) for the time being. That works BUT… They called me back three days later after reviewing my case and tell me now to contact APPLE.

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    Magda says:

    I did the same. I have an international data plan with an international provider who has a data agreement with AT&T. Everything worked fine until I upgraded when all internet connectivity failed. Is anyone at AT&T or Apple reading these comments and doing anything about this?

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    Mike says:

    I installed the 4.0 update this morning and after the update I lost ALL of my data! I was able to restore my Apps but now cannot access them. They are on the screen but as soon as I press on them, they go back to the original iPhone screen.

    AT&T and Apple reps told me that many people are experiencing a similar problem. I am furious that I cannot get my contacts back!

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    Cula1234 says:

    Nothing new to add to the problem fellow iPhone users. Have 3GS and uploaded iso4 software. 3G icon is showing full strength but not access to anything data related, unless I am on WiFi.

    FYI Mike: back up your contacts with the Sync On The Go app from iTunes, it’s free and easy.

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    SKINNER7 says:

    i am a 3gs owner and i can pretty much still do everything except recive texts. what the hell do i do? do i ring apple and complain? or take it into o2 and get them to sort it out?

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    Robert Lane 19438zip says:

    iPhone 3Gs w/ iOS4 via SPEEDTEST.NET
    Cell 3G117416367Philadelphia, PA
    Cell 3G507810651Philadelphia, PA
    Cell E4464241Philadelphia, PA
    Cell E7204404Philadelphia, PA
    Cell E323212372Philadelphia, PA
    Cell 3G125548966Philadelphia, PA
    Cell 3G26650527Philadelphia, PA
    Wifi9773479597Philadelphia, PA
    Wifi8654480398Philadelphia, PA
    Wifi8391479398Philadelphia, PA
    Wifi87404854109Philadelphia, PA

    E & 3G seem rather slow.
    Also – at same location in my house I will see 5 bars and 3G, try to use it and the bars drop to <5. Within minutes it may revert to E.
    Seems like even the new iOS is not accurately reporting the signal strength.
    I have plastic case so I am not touching the antenna
    Any thoughts? Bob

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      rick says:

      I have the same problem up here in NEPA. I have 4-5 bars with the 3g symbol but when I try to access anything internet related, they go down to one bar and I can't access anything.

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    Kory says:

    I upgraded my 3gs to iOS4 and lost all data connectivity to the cellular data network. My WiFi connection still works fine. Think I'll go into the Apple Store and make sure they know that I'm affected, in case there's any remuneration later.

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    Jason says:

    Have the same problem, I have a 3GS. I cannot connect to the Internet via 3G or connect to visual voicemail after upgrading to iOS4. AT&T is no help either!

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    Murali says:

    I also have the same issue in Edison, NJ. I have upgraded my iPhone 3Gs with iOS 4.0 and I have not been able to connect to Internet using AT&T's 3G. Does any one have any fix to this issue? Resetting network or all settings does not work in this case.

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    Katie says:

    I just upgraded to 4 and lost about 95% of my contacts. I am sick. This was the first time I had ever connected my phone to iTunes, so I hadn't yet had the opportunity to back up my data. I can't believe I don't have access to phone numbers that I will never, ever remember.

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    Tony Garrison says:

    Updated to IOS 4.0 – now no data connection – unless I am home and connected to my WiFi. Phone still calls though.

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    Karol says:

    I can not open the web without having wi fi on and I’ve got unlimited internet date plan

    iphone 3gs safari 4.0

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    jsse m says:

    Have the same problem, I have a 3GS. I cannot connect to the Internet via 3G or connect to visual voicemail after upgrading to iOS4

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    Sean says:

    I have the same problem… oddly enough once I updated to 4.0.1 on 4.0 it worked fine… good thing I saved my info on the Cydia server gladly back to 3.1.3 although I cant jailbreak it 🙁 my baseband is updated 🙁

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    Jamila says:

    is there any wat to fix thiss problem ? seems like a HEAP of us have the same problem, and its reaaally getting annoying >.>

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    Tony says:

    AT&T Unlimited Data Plan.
    Iphone 3GS
    IOS 4.0.2 – and am unable to connect unless I have WIFI connection.

    3 calls with AT&T trying many different combinations – glad to find these postings to realize I am NOT alone.

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    Ayush says:

    Same here. Last night i upgraded to iOS 4 on my 3GS and now 3G data connection has stopped working. The browser doesn't open any pages etc.

  44. i have iphone 3GS. downloaded software upgrade 4.02 with new carrier settings. started getting problems with signal. restarting the phone restores the signal temporarily, and after about ten minutes its 'No Service' – no 02 connectivity or 3G connectivity. I thought 4.1 may fix the problem, but seem to have made it worse, restarting the phone no longer restores signal. this is ridiculous. eagerly awaiting a fix.

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    Dan says:

    Same problem. No 3G data. Can make calls fine. I turned off 3G and can use edge at slow speeds. Odd note, 3G works in the morning but not during the day and night ! Used to be able to use the airplane mode to reset and get a few minutes of 3G at night but now that doesn’t work anymore. Could it be some weird problem with an app I downloaded? I have so many.

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    Ka says:

    Does apple know how to fix this!!!!! This is not fair!!! It happened after I restored my iPhone. Im not receiving any 3G network data!!! Please let me know if anyone has find a solution to this problem!!

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    JDJ says:

    I have the same problem here in Florida. It's happened every since I got the phone in June. It's now far worse and placing the phone in Airplane mode no longer resolves the data issue

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    Troubled1iam says:

    Same here… Been happening for awhile now, but I thought it was just me! I have iPhone 3GS and ever since I reluctantly upgraded to iOS 4 my 3G signal disappears without any rhyme or reason. Usually, if I switch to WiFi I can reestablish a connection but not always. It lasts anywhere from minutes to hours. Now iTunes keeps prompting me to upgrade to iOS 5, but after my experience with iOS 4 I’m afraid of anymore possible complications, so I’ve yet to update my phone. So far I’ve only heard bad from 3GS owners who’ve updated to iOS 5. Anyone have any suggestions or possible solutions? Thank you to everyone who shares my pain and frustration… Hopefully, it will be alleviated soon… Once AT&T gets enough complaints!

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