Nexus One as Androideroids Game Controller: Video

The smartphone seems to be taking over in the world of game controllers, and the latest seems to be the Android powered Google Nexus One as this latest video demonstration shows, and of course we have the video for your perusal below.

The video comes our way courtesy of Kat Hannaford over on Gizmodo, and shows Androideroids, with Grant Skinner using his custom built application to control said game showing on a HDTV.

Apparently up to eight Android handsets can be used in a multiplayer game, and even shows a mini view of the game in the device, although one does have to say Skinner has yet to release the application to the android market.

Anyway that doesn’t stop you checking out the game in action in the video below which shows being able to see the game running on an HDTV is large scale is somewhat better than just seeing it on the small screen of a mobile device…enjoy.

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