Verizon iPhone Release Date: Will It Be 2011 Still?

Even though all the news is flooding in about the iPhone 4 and the iOS 4 it seems that the Verizon iPhone is not dead in the water just yet.

According to analyst it is still very much on the cards with a release date set for 2011, James Cullimore via ITProPortal mentions that Barclays has predicted that Verizon will start selling the Apple iPhone from 2011.

The main business for the Verizon iPhone will come via Verizon’s current subscriber base and could see the likes of AT&T customers moving on over as well. Obviously these are still rumours and speculations so it is the case of sit, wait and see.

Verizon would love to get their hands on the iPhone and we can see some sort of deal being made with Apple, at the end of the day it is Apple who holds the cards and they will deal them out to Verizon when it suits them.

Please let us know if you still want the Verizon iPhone, we want to know why you want it, and will you leave AT&T for it?


28 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone Release Date: Will It Be 2011 Still?”

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    Henry Flagg says:

    As bad as I want an iphone I will not use AT&T service. I really like Verizon's service and as soon as they get the iphone I will be first in line to buy 2!

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    MsBrown says:

    I want the apple Iphone …Why because there is no other phone like it, I mean I love Verizon too but having the Iphone would be a double plus!!!

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    Amanda says:

    I used to have verizon and transfered over to att because of mobile to mobile but now believe that it was the dumbest thing I've ever done. Verizon service is a completely different league then anything att has to offer, therefore if verizon gets the new iphone i would even consider terminating my contract early.

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    Stephanie says:

    I have been with Verizon for over 12 years and have no desire to switch. I briefly tried AT&T a couple years ago and switched back to Verizon in less than a month because the service was SO HORRIBLE!!!! I have an iTouch now and want an iPhone very badly but refuse to switch to AT&T. My contract is up in Novemeber for my Storm but i plan to wait it out until the iPhone goes to Verizon.

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    TeRRy says:

    I got sick to death of waiting for the iPhone and just jot the Droid Incredible and LOVE it. Although not as many apps, they have way more than I need and features that the iPhone does not have. I don't see going to iPhone now. They waited to long and I really like my DROID.

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    Austin says:

    Verizon is just down right cheeper. if it doesnt happen, Verizon and AT&T should make an agreement and become a cell phone monopoly.

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    anonymous says:

    I will never switch over to AT&T for any reason.
    Verizon should just come out with the Iphone already!
    It'll be an advantage for Apple too!
    Too many dropped calls in AT&T .. their service is really bad.
    I don't see a reason why Verizon wouldn't be good with Apple.

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    Bobby says:

    Please get the iPhone asap!! Verizon would really be the top cell phone company when this happens! We want iPhone for Verizon b4 2011, I know its possible. Lets put all those brilliant minds together and get this show on the road!! I can renew in Oct, it would be wonderful if I were to upgrade to iPhone!!

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    B.J. says:

    I swould leave att befored the could blink and breath!!
    Please verfizon…get gthe iphone. Please!!!

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    Joyce says:

    I have wanted an iPhone since it came out but I refuse to leave Verizon for one. I have been a satisfied Verizon customer for 13 years. My happiness with Verizon exceeds my desire for an iPhone. I think Apple is loosing a lot of potential business because there are so many people that won't leave Verizon for an iPhone.

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    Kristen says:

    I really hope that the IPhone will be sold by Verizon soon. They are losing a ton of business by keeping it with one provider!

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    Adam says:

    I can't wait for verizon to get the iphone!! My only concern is that verizon's network might not be able to handle the sudden overflow of networking that will come with the iphone? Don't get me wrong….i will definitely get the phone when verizon comes out with it! Not to mentions the thousands of customers that would leave at&t for verizon just because of the phone right? Who know's…only time will tell.

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    pjh says:

    I would very much like to have an iphone, but as other people have posted, will not leave Verizon to to go ATT

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    mike martin says:

    iphone is user friendly and seen what it can do unlike most other phones. its hardware software is mac which means never get virus. also the fact that mac means apps r built for unlike driod which more windows based. there is bigger difference bewteen them then u think. reason i want iphone it that im have no problems with verizon and they have great coverage in my area. i think still a lot room for improvement on iphone. people love cause buttons r big and child could figure out how to use it. downfall i most iphone is battery life tho. wouldn't want get stuck out in middle of woods with it. universal good for almost anything. i think verizon should combine tech of driod and iphone push technology far as it can go. i know 4g is fater has more memory and battery. i think i phone is one of first steps to new technological age.

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    T.Scarpello says:

    AT&T can hold no candle to the service that Verizon offers. Does Verizon take a bit more of the paycheck at the end of the month, yes they do… however, the service you get from their system is worth every penny in my opinion. I get very few, if any dropped calls during the month, and I receive service in areas of rural Florida that no other service, including AT&T, has ever been able to match. I've had Nextel, Sprint, and AT&T before I woke up and switched to Verizon. To date, I've never regretted that switch. I will never own an iPhone if it remains on any other network other than Verizon simply due to the fact that what good is a phone if it doesn't function when one intends to use it. If the iPhone comes to Verizon, then I will own one, until then my Driod keeps me more than satisfied. Apple is losing out to the new Andriod Smartphones on Verizon, and if they don't wake up soon, they will have too large a market to convert, as more and more consumers are buying the Andriod smartphones on Big Red… and are happy with them!

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    R Carsten says:

    The biggest reason I don't have an iphone is AT&T. Their coverage is bad. I have been hanging in there with my old Verizon phone and would be highly motivated to wait for a verizon iphone.

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    Kim says:

    If verizon had an iphone that is the phone I would have. I will not have service with AT&T. Verizon has much better reception and my 3G works all the time, not in just certain areas like AT&T.

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    Chris says:

    I love the iPhone and AT&T service .. There are so many rumors and hatred out there. First off I never drop calls with my iPhone it’s all b.s. Second I would be upset if verizon gets the phone .. AT&T has great service and they do a great job with the phone .. Verizon would just ruin the iPhone completely it would lose it’s wow factor

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    Tommy says:

    Chris!! Thank you god for your post .. You can not be more right. Atat has great service I live in the poconos around mountains and my service is fine. I used to have verizon but hated all the fees and hidden crap they pull. Hands down the iPhone rules and people are just jealous atat service is just fine and the company’s customer service is great. If apple was smart they would never let verizon get their hands on it …. Atat , the fastest 3G network!!

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    Jen says:

    I have an iPhone and I love it, but I can’t stand my service. I’m always moving my phone around to get a better signal. I used to stand by at&t but my coverage has gotten so bad i just cant anymore. I’m thinking of switching and if verizon got the iPhone it would just be icing on the cake.

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    Noah says:

    At&t is trash, always has been always will be, anyone thats likes at&t shud go die, Verizon is best and the only way im ever getting an iphone is if it comes to verizon!

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    Stephanie says:

    i was an at&t user and had the iphone. i wasnt impressed with the service. now that i have verizon i am curious to see if i could use my old iphone when the iphone comes to verizon.

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    David says:

    I have an iPhone 3G, have been with AT&T since the introduction of this phone. I would switch back to Verizon in a heartbeat if they get the iPhone. There is just no better phone than iPhone. I even tried the new Droid X with Verizon, and took it back after 3 days, and back to my iPhone 3G. Waiting til Verizon gets the iPhone then I will be a permanent Verizon Customer.

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    Strega says:

    Dear Verizon:
    I am adamant about not switching to AT&T to purchase an iPhone. I keep reading comments from your loyal customers that they also will not switch to AT&T to purchase an iPhone. You have the potential to clean up by selling the IPhone. Please make sure you offer it to your verizon subscribers whose plans expire anytime during 2011.
    Also to Stephanie: I don't think your old iphone will be able to be used on the Verizon network as it is my understanding that the iphone you have now will only work on AT&T.
    What can we do to get your attention, Verizon?

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    Nialond says:

    I wouldnt mind trying out the Iphone on verizon, but people are talking about how much they like the iphone and wish it was on verizon, well the motorola droid does everything a iphone does plus more because i have one and have been using it for a year now my roomate has a iphone and hates it compared to my motorola droid which i love. I think the motorola droid is better then the iphone in my opinion but i guess the iphone does have a lot more apps but the android network has better quality app its not about the quantity but the quality….

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