iPhone 4 Day, The Queues Begin

Today is iPhone 4 Day, the day most iPhoners can go grab the latest device from the Apple camp, and if previous iPhone launches are anything to go by we can expect to see ling queues outside the shops, along with some disappointed customers if stocks run out.

Apparently the iPhone 4 day queuing has already begun here in the UK as according to Martin Bryant of The Next Web, there are many iPhone 4 hopefuls standing outside shops waiting patiently for them to open, and in Manchester there were roughly 120 people standing in line outside the O2 store.

While the Carphone Warehouse shops in Manchester has about ten people waiting outside most branches, while at the Apple store there were roughly 60 standing in line to no doubt pick up their pre-ordered iPhone 4.

Elsewhere in the UK reports have it that in Cardiff there were roughly a hundred outside the O2 store while in Farnborough there were 40 waiting to snatch up the device. So if anyone out there spots a huge queue shout out and let us know, or if you were in line but were unable to get an iPhone 4 drop us a comment too.