iPhone 4 iMovie Try Out on Video

We have a video for your viewing pleasure today of a video shot with an iPhone 4 and being edited using iMovie for iPhone 4, which I’m sure no doubt many iPhone users have experimented with once they grabbed the iMovie for iPhone 4 app.

The iMovie editing video comes our way courtesy of Noah Kravitz over at Phone Dog, who shot the movie with his iPhone 4 using both the front-facing camera and the rear camera and then sets about editing with iMovie.

Noah does note though that he had to “offload the final product to his computer and upload from there to gain the full 720p HD resolution”. The video lasts just over six minutes and includes indoor and outdoor footage.

So rather than me tell you all about it, head on down and hit play to check out just how Noah got on with iMovie for iPhone 4 and editing…enjoy.