iPhone 4 In Canada Won’t be Delayed

With the heavy demand for the latest piece of tech to drop from the Apple tree, namely the iPhone 4, there have apparently been fears that the new iPhone 4 coming to Canada would be delayed due to such heavy demand.

However, according to an article over on Electronista by way of iPhone in Canada, it appears that Apple chief Steve Jobs has been at the emailing game again, this time emailing the reply “nope” to a reader of iPhone in Canada when asked if the heavy demand for the iPhone 4 would delay the Canadian launch.

Thus far, Apple has not given a firm release day for the iPhone 4 in Canada but has only broadly said it will be in July so whether it will be early or late is up for debate.

So there you have it Canadian iPhone faithful, you should still gain the new iPhone 4 sometime next month, unless of course demand gets even heavier and Apple run out of stock which is always a possibility.


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    Themi says:

    I just can't beleive that Luke took 3 hours to reply to Stevie… Looks like a CLM to me 🙂

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