Hurricane HD Season 2010 Apple iPad App

Hurricane HD is the premiere Hurricane tracking application especially created for the iPad. Have you a concern that a storm could be coming to your area? If so then Hurricane HD, will allow you to track these storms, you will receive text bulletins giving you up to date information, this app includes animated satellite images and interactive forecast tracking maps.

Every six hours, the tropics through tropical outlooks are issued from the National Hurricane centre, Central Pacific Hurricane centre and the JTWC.

You can track any active storm, inactive storm or past storm on the quality interactive tracking map in great detail, this is the only hurricane tracking app that offers this much detail on the iPad!

The Hurricane also provides animated Satellites, Radar, Computer models are all available for current active storms. Hurricane HD is also great for those who have a interest in historical Hurricanes as the app can track back to hurricanes from 1851.

To view new satellite images and receive new plots and text bulletins, Internet connection is required, the interactive tracking map covers the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and surrounding areas

This will benefit all those who have an interest in meteorology, the weather or those who are studying meteorology or tropical system history. This app is also great for those who are planning to travel.

New features have been added like satellite loops in a popup, which will allow you to move between satellite images. There is also a new feature in Hurricane HD news, which will give you a better look and feel. For more information please visit iTunes

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