Samsung Monte S5620 Review and Problems: Consumer Opinions

The Samsung Monte S5620 has been out on the market a little while now and we are asking for all our readers that own this mobile phone to send in their personal reviews and problems that they have encountered.

What we know so far is that the overall design is appealing and that it features GPS, Wi-Fi, well-implemented widgets, 3G and a pretty decent camera amongst a few other specs that may excite.

There have been a few things mentioned about the widgets saying that they are a but to large, we have also had emails sent in saying that the interface is a little too slow and that the headphone jack has not been designed well enough.

It is not the best smartphone on the market but this is down to the fact it is relatively a cheap mobile handset with good enough features to make it quite appealing. This is our opinion but it is your views that count here.

So please if you own the Samsung Monte S5620 we would love for you to send in your personal review of the handset and of course if you have any problems with the handset we would love to know about them. Thanks


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    Ems says:

    I got my samsung monte today, it was working perfecctly then i turned it off came back later and turned it on and it just kept replaying the O2 start up screen , my dad suggested its battery was just dead so to charge it up when we got home.
    I got home put it in the socket about half an hour ago. A battery picture came up and a blue bar the blue bar loaded up , but the battery has remained blank the whole time and only changes if you take out the battery and unplug it.
    Is this normal? :S
    Is it just taking forever to charge ?

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    jan says:

    I am so cross with my Monte ! I had it in my pocket, locked (very carefuly, and waited till the screen went dark, and tested it). The phone rang but i couldn't answer it as it as it was in my pocket and i was driving, it then went to message and rang me again, of course when you get a call it unlocks !! so all the time i was driving it was doing its own thing !! it wiped all my contacts !!!! every single one… what a nightmare.
    Up until then i wasn't very happy with it anyway, its terrible to text on, wrong letters, goes to predicted text (which i hate) too easily, apart from no flash on the camera… i wish i hadn't bothered buying one !!

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    Ed Unahppy says:

    After breaking a Nokia 3G handset, I upgraded to a Monte because it has 3G – great for email (rely on this) and RSS feeds.

    Deeply disappointed to find RSS feeds, once subscribed do not update when hit the update function – its goes through the motions but doesn't actually update them. If you delete an RSS feed and re-subscribe you get the new one, otherwise – sorry, no update appears. grrrrr.

    Also network connectiviting on 3G (and on WiFi) is so patchy you cannot rely on it.

    After messing about with this and all the settings for a couple of days (never get that time back) I think I am going to give up and return it (to Orange BTW)…. not happy….. I didn't want to follow the iphone crowd, but I think it's inevitable now.

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    Dave says:

    Yeah, I'm also dissapointed that RSS feeds didnt update automatically. I think I'm going to keep it though as I don't want to spend more money on an iphone. I'll just keep the web address of the RSS in my regular bookmark and download the updates manually.

    I have found the texting interface ok. The only thing missing is that you can move around the screen so easily — you need to select special buttons to do that — an extra thing to press. Also if you select the wrong predictive text word seems that you got to re-type the whole word again — otherwise I found the predictive text quite intelligent.


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    Sue says:

    Got my phone this morning. Can't get into menu at all. Every time I press menu it switches itself off and on again! Not impressed.

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    paul says:

    After having the phone for about a month it began to store text messages direct to the SIM and not the phone memory, now when the SIM memory is reached (about 20 messages) i have to delete to free up space. Only help so far was to reset the phone to factory settings which clearly hasnt helped….bit of a pain to be honest!

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    A.M. says:

    Got this phone 4 months ago and Orange will be collecting it tomorrow morning…
    I have been very careful with it but it has developed a list of problems:
    GPS doesn't work
    switches itself off and on
    smart unlock feature doesn't work
    says i have no sim inserted
    starting to lag more and more
    it has disappointed me..

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    chris rudge says:

    also had my monte 4 months, now i cant make or recieve calls or texts, only emergency calls only, not impressed

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      Lennie says:

      I get this problem and phone has been to Phones 4 U twice already, have you sorted the problem yet as I haven't

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    sue says:

    Had my monte for about 5 months and it to turns itself off and then doesnt recognise the sim card or thinks the sim is not fitted at all. Had a rubbish weekend with it. Serious thinking of taking back.

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    palaniveld says:

    I have samsung monte phone. I have disappointed with out going call. Even, if I speak loudly, the receiver (other side person) is not hearing my voice properly. I did service two times. Still this problem occurs.

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      Haddington Bear says:

      My wife bought one two months ago, and then when we called each other, it didn't matter which way, I get terrible buzzing on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Took mine in for repairs and it is the same, so the problem is the Monte. IT IS GOING BACK, Sale of Goods Act means it is supposed to be able to do what it is sold for, and it patently doesn't.

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    BuddahB says:

    My wife an I both have Montes but are very disappointed withthe performance of rather lack of it…they keepturning off and can't be reached by others (especially abroad). The phone provider of course denies all knowledge and we are tioed in for another 18 months. They did say we could purchase a re-furb from ther shop…not likely. Been told my one has been damged by water…although ithas never been near enough to any to effect it. What a bloody disgrace…next time I'll stick to Nokia better phones and menus…DONT BUY A SAMSUNG MONTE EVER!!

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    Mini Matt says:

    Not the best phone I’ve ever had, probably the worst come to think of it, I used to be a lorry driver and it had trouble keeping hold of a signal bar, though that could just be Orange, texting isn’t easy and the only decent widget on there is the BBC-Iplayer. Facebook, twitter,etc don’t seem to update whenever it connects to 3G or even Wi-fi for that matter, though to be honest it was bought because it was cheap and came with a PS3 so I was never going to expect much from it anyway.

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    charlie says:

    i've had my phone about 4 months, and it keeps saying 'emergency calls only' and it wont send a text! WASTE OF TIME!!!

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      jonny says:

      temporary fix for this is to take the batery out (which requires a screwdriver on mine) and wait a minute before putting it back in. usually regains full signal after this.
      Can't recieve many calls/texts either.
      Always hangs up while in calls.
      Screen unlocks while in calls and my face does all kinds of stuff with it.

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      laura says:

      sometimes it locks itself when you are on camera if the screen isnt keept on touch
      if there a pic of a padlock on screen its locked itself

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    aemhd says:

    I brought S5620 two months ago , and I was disappointed .

    First of all , when the phone ring , it start with low sound then the sound get higher

    the 2nd problem while using the internet , in which I can't download pictures and videos from any sites
    in addition to the downloaded songs can't be played on the phone although it support this extension (mp3)

    the phone doesn't support many extensions like ram , et. .

    can't play many videos recived from other phones

    finally ,doesn't support many applications and games . so few widgets .

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    tatastars says:

    Ok my problem with this phone is I can't text I can receive but I can't send text I have prepay and I can't send anything. I am tired of this phone I look everywhere for a solution and nothing also. I hate when I try to talk to someone on the phone or call it tend to lock it self and I have to press the stupid lock button for it to work..I really hate this phone…Any solution let me know

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    angie81 says:

    I have had this phone for 8 months, very impressed to begin with but it there seems to be more and more problems with mine. I find it really annoting when you clear the missed calls then everytime you recieive a text they come back up so you have to keep clearing the message. last month i noticed when i take a photo it looks fine then when you go in to images the picture is blurred, dosn't happen with every photo but i'd say the majority. ( a friend has one and she now has the same problem) my main complaint is that for the last few weeks when i call or receive a call they say they can barely hear me, its like Im far away fom the phone. Im not due a upgrade till may, i wont be getting another one of these.

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    ian m says:

    turned my monte off! turned back on next day phone attempts too initizalise gets so far then a blank screen then a blue screen with a yellow banner that reads "upload data to pc" any ideas on how to to progress ??? phone is now unusable ?

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    Laura says:

    i have an issue with this phone i plugged in my usb cable and un-plugged it but the sign of conectiona and asking mee if i want to use mas storage ect keep coming up its been two days now and its looks like its charging but then comes up with batery low cuts out and restarts any solution?

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    alan says:

    when i click back (the metal bar down the bottom) on the samsung s5620 monte it freezes then i have to take the battery out and put it back in and turn it on how do i solve this? and if someone phones me i cant anser it because i freezes if i click the green phone button as well how do i solve this? thanks alan

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    jon says:

    I have the 'emergency calls only' problem with my son's Monte. Tried everything and can't get rid of it so am getting a new phone. Would not recommend Samsung phones to anyone.

    Also, Kies has to be one of the worst software packages every. It's just rubbish.

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    jon says:

    I have the 'emergency calls only' problem with my son's Monte. Tried everything and can't get rid of it so am getting a new phone. Would not recommend Samsung phones to anyone.

    Also I think that Kies is one of the worst pieces of software I have come across.

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    Deeif says:

    its very nice mobile i buy it from 1 year but there was promlem with blotouth that he cannot recive more than 20%
    tell me that sending fail i donot know why its new prolem appear just from 1 month
    any one can solvig this proplem plz send me at

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    andrew says:

    i have recently purchased a monte and i will not accept the sim card at all and says that it is not their :@

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    Chris says:

    I've had my Monte for about 7 months. The quality of voice reception during calls has never been brilliant, but lately is dire. then a couple of weeks ago it started to cut off callers when I answered calls. (also had same text problems as others here)

    The guy in the T-Mobile shop was adamant it was my old SIM card so changed it but now getting crackly electrical noises during calls. Back to the shop – go home & back everything up, then we'll send it back.

    Attached phone to PC, Kies update available & loaded, now can't back up anything, phone says connected but PC can't connect. NIGHTMARE & I still have 18 months to run on contract

    My best phone ever was a Samsung, but this Monte is a disaster

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    Teddy wah says:

    I got the Samsung Monte S5620 over a year ago. It has worked well except if you put it in your back pocket it jams. You tube does not work, but games and picture downloads are fine.

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    KWS says:

    I got my Monte a good few months ago. I love the look of it and enjoy the touchscreen but when I try to connect to wifi it just restarts and I've never been able to use the video call feature. Has anyone else had these problems? I don't like texting on it.. in truth it's lovely to look at but I'm really disappointed in it.

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    CJLeeUK says:

    I've had my Monte for about 3 months.. so far, I have the following issues with it:
    When on a call, the phone automatically locks, so if I'm throughto an automated system or need to out the speaker on, I have to faff about trying to unlock it first.
    If I get a full inbox, instead of a message to tell me its full, the phone switches itself off everytime I press send on a text.
    If i am on a call and the battery goes down by a bar it used to beep. Now, it just disconnects the call!!!
    Facebook doesn't update – each page I go to, i have to hit 'refresh' and wait an age before it changes.

    Aside from the hang ups – it's fairly easy to use. Would recommend to people who need a phone rather than a gadget.

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    Vishal says:

    I gt a Samsung Monte 6 months ago, it switches off automatically… and whenver i try to receive a call ,the call goes on HOLD…….

    Very frustrated wid samsung…

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    thouseef says:

    i brought monte 4 months ago and i was the only one having in my group and in first it was nice after that the screen does not change to landscape mode in text message area and it changes automatically in internet entering url can any one tell me is there any solution for this …………………………

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    Alex Sinclair says:

    Every time i send a text message i get a beep them a balance report, annoying when you are sending to more than one person. anyone know how i can stop this?

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    michelle says:

    the phone has frozen on me a few times, but very annoyingly shuts off repeatedly for about 7 attempts every time it goes off, im stuck with the contract for another 13 months im not happy with this phone at all i have had 4 previous different samsung models prior to this one and they were all good

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    Yie says:

    This is kind of annoying. Everytime that I try to call someone using the videocall, my phone turns off. Any suggestions or help? :-

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    aks says:

    hi buddies…i am going to purchase a samsung monte s5620 in two days….i just hope i will not get thoes problems with it….

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    mitch says:

    love this Monte except one thing, reception is appalling (REALLY DIRE). been changed once and new one is exactly the same – now have to send back to repair centre – if it comes back the same it is going back to Tesco for full refund, am I just unlucky or is this common?

  35. so disappointed with my monte. voice reception during calls has not been good, now my caller (or the one im calling) can no longer hear me unless i use headset or speaker, terrible… it also restarts for unknown reasons… i never tried sending it to the repair shop though ..

  36. Many to the comments on here reflect my experience with my Monte. It is now 15 months old and reception during calls has always been poor but is now terrible and people can hardly hear me, it’s useless, I can’t use it for calls. I have also had the issue of calls being put on hold when I answer and the phone switching off randomly. I have always been frustrated that the phone automatically locks when you make a call making it really annoying when you need to use the keypad – eg when picking up voicemails.

    If anyone has any success with fixing the problem with callers not being able to hear you, please post on here!

    Overall I would NOT recommend this phone to anyone!

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    Katie says:

    i have had my samsung monte for 13 months and i hate it. The the two main problems I have are:
    When phoning and needing to use the keypad I have to unlock and then when I am talking to someone they say they can hear a beeping noise which is my face touching the phone its so annoying so have to make sure its locked again or I have to keep the phone away from my face
    I dont get voice mails straight away..sometime a few hours sometimes a few days…i have linked it to the fact that when my sim card memory is full with texts it wont receive anymore voicemails…does anyone know how to solve this as a sim card wont hold many texts and i have to keep making sure i delete my texts

  38. Can anyone help me..

    I’ve had the Samsung Monte for a fair few months now at a guess around 12…

    And since the day i got mine the Headphones have not worked, i’ve tried to use them many a time to no avail.

    My mum has this phone too and it is the same on hers too, when you play the music with the headphones plugged in it just played the music out of the speaker on the phone.

    If anyone can help me that would be very much appreciated.

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      Google says:

      Ya i was confused earlier but actually u have to push the pin harder inside or try removing and putting it back in there might be a loose connection though hope it helps !!

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    Anonymous says:

    Had my 5620 for a few months now and it mostly works great. Main bugbear is the locking screen when on calls, not very good for phone banking etc!!!
    Recently it has started switching itself off and the back on again, all for no reason? even when left on a table, so not being squahed in my pocket.
    This is my first non Nokia phone, I was drawn by the big screen but its so difficult to use compared to Nokia’s I wish I’d stayed with a more conventional phone.

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    Yashraj_cool123 says:

    i have monte from last 2 years and i am having no problem with this the camera quality is best than ever and the screen touch sensativity is good now also 

    i suggest this cell is the best phone at this price…

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    Fa Shiva3 says:

    how to answer the call using headphone button? i cant able to do it in monte, but many other cheap mobiles are capable of this facility….. is ter any settings needed to be changed? pls hlp me frnds…

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    TommyDallas says:

    I’ve had mine for about 15 months now.
    The first issue is it switches itself on and off randomly,
    The second is with the predictive text, even with simple words like the ( comes up with vid, uid, then the) or new (comes up with Nex, nex the new). There are another 13 examples I have noticed.
    The next is the battery life is just totally awful, a full charge only lasts two days,
    The most annoying one is when it actually stays on for enough time for me to use it, it will turn off, restart and go to no sim mode. I have to take the back off, take my sim out, put it back in again and restart the phone.
    Another issue is it has totally messed up my music, all the albums are mixed up and all the tracks on the albums are in different orders.
    Oh, and it’s stuck on shuffle.

    Damn I can’t wait till my upgrade.

  43. very good phone for the price. most features work very well like wifi, bluetooth and good camera. Few problems:
    internet browser cannot cope with most non-mobile web pagessometimes randomly rebootssays sim card removed. This is a big problem because i cannot receive any calls or messages until I realise this has happened, take out then put the sim back.gps is slow to lock

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    J.P says:

    I sent the Monte in to the Repair Centre, after seeing that the Lcd showed signs of a problem, something that can be explained as stars on 1 section of the screen.
    The repair centre told me that the phone has been physically damaged and sent it back to me.
    Seeing that the phone has no history of me physically damaging it, I find this highly unlikely!

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    guest says:

    got my monte a few months back.i played youtube vedios for some days but then didn’t go to internet for a they dont play.can anyone help me.

  46. Reply
    Guest says:

    i got this phone but the problem is that it won’t charge and it keeps lighting up for no reason!!!!!!!!!

    H              E                     L                     P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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    Guest says:

    I’ve had this handset for nearly 2 years and overall its a good phone with one infuriating drawback. The battery life is good (usually 4-5 days), the interface is quick and the features are all good value for money. The problem?..The predictive text! I’m an avid texter and I’ve been tempted to throw it through the window many times. Take a simple 2 letter word – “as”. Type on the appropriate keys…..1st option 2q, then AP, ap,Ar,ar then finally “as”. It behaves like this on at least 20 or so everyday words and I cant find a solution. Infuriating!! Upgrade due next month thank God

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      Lee says:

       The solution to this is to this is to press ‘as’ then scroll through all the options till you get ‘add word’ then ad the word ‘as’ (although its already in their) and then when you press ‘as’ it will come up straight away 🙂

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    Sandrapyka says:

    i had my phone for over a year now and everything is ok except for the signal. at first i thought i was my sim card that was messing up but then i tried it in other phones and it was ok. so i tried resetting my phone, deleting everything and even cleaning the phone but still my signal was terrible. i only get 1 or 2 bars of signal when everyone else in the room has full signal. i’m really worried because i can not get certain texts or calls PLEASE HELP ME OMG 

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      Lee says:

       The actual indication of signal is a myth. a phone can not measure how much signal you are actually receiving. So just because your phone says you have 2 bars you won’t really have any less than someone with 4. you just either have signal or you don’t 🙂

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    London130905 says:

    I have problems with my Monte since the beginning:
    1) very poor memory, even when it was new, when I browse on internet ask me to close some application while one only web page is open and not heavy at all !!
    2) I cannot get my emails because it keep saying password is wrong (while is not)

    I did not have problem with my old phone !!!

    Please let me know how to reinstall the software, thanks


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    Lillian94 says:

    My one wont even send messages!! I went to France and it didn’t work then. Then when I got home it said everytime I tried to send a message it says ‘Sending Message Failed.’ SOOOOO annoying. Never had any other problems with the phone before this. PLEASE HELP!!

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    TommyDallas says:

    I’ll tell you what to do and it’s what I did. GET A NEW PHONE! =] I didn’t realise I could miss sending messages and making calls so much!

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    Jaisyabraham says:

    I am getting some unwanted sound when a call is connected .what to do with my samsung monte

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    Margstewart says:

    I have 3 Samsung Montes – my daughters use 2 of them.  Mine has been grossly annoying in randomly calling numbers off my contact list.  I haven’t been able to work out why this happens.  It seems to happen when bumped, but how it selects the numbers to call, I do not know.  It has been grossly embarrassing at times.  I get around this problem 99% of the time by using a leather phone case which protects the screen or the lock button on the side from being bumped.  Also, 2 of the handsets have in the last few weeks developed a horrible set of electronic noises when dialing and also receiving calls.  So awful it obliterates the first utterances and sometimes people have hung up on me because they think that it is a fax calling I suppose.  The service provider said they couldn’t replicate the problem and sent it back to me.  I am now about to launch into a battle with Samsung to try to get it fixed.

  54. Reply
    Margstewart says:

    Ha. Just today the 3rd of my 3 Monte’s has been overtaken by alien gremlins!  It too has developed the electronic noises across the call connection.  Highly frustrated.

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    Sal says:

    I’ve got a Monte and these are the problems: You Tube doesn’t work, it calls random numbers automatically, and now another problem has emerged. If I plug the headphones, the phone doesn’t recognize that I plugged in the headphones and keeps playing music on loudspeaker. If someone could please help I would appreciate it.

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    mustdisquss says:

    Ive never had any battery or switch off problems, and ive had it since its release. The MOST annoying this for me would have to be when someone calls, the phone likes to auto-lock. The best thing – far better battery life than any smartphone, mine still lasts more than a few days with light use

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