iPhone 4 FaceTime Won’t Catch On Says 3UK CEO

With the arrival of the new iPhone 4 comes FaceTime on the 3UK network, something that won’t catch on according to the chief executive officer of 3UK, Kevin Russell although he is relieved to finally have the iPhone 4 with 3UK.

According to an article penned by Jennifer Allan on Electric Pig, when asked about the iPhone 4’s FaceTime and hat impact it would have on 3UK’s data usage, Russell stated that he wasn’t worried and he would be “surprised if it takes off over the next two to tree months.”

However, the 3UK did admit he’s been wrong before, such as doubting the impact the Apple iPad would have and said “The iPad s another stimulus. Tablets are going to be significant; more so that I thought 3 or 4 months ago.”

3UK Sales and Marketing Director, Mark Allera, backed up Russell by saying “Culturally, in the UK, I can’t see FaceTime being a big thing. I can see it taking off in places like Italy, where people are much less reserved, and happy to make video calls on the beach and the like.”

So UK iPhone 4 users, do you think you’ll be using FaceTime on your new iPhone 4, or has 3UK got it about right and FaceTime won’t take off in the UK?

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