Mobile Industry: Holiday Mobile Phone Bills To See a Cut

There is nothing worse than going abroad on holiday only to return to a massive mobile phone bill, my last one was £312 on top of the £53 a month contract bill.

Well according to Sunderland Echo new laws suggest that holidaymakers’ mobile phone bills will get a cut, the new rules came about after concerns for the cost of connecting to the internet with your much loved mobile device when in European Union country.

Stephen Hughes, North East Euro MP said in a nutshell that many mobile companies have been given ample opportunities to act upon the cost of using mobile phones in EU countries.

Actions have been made towards texting, calling and now at last data roaming to bring prices down. We all deserve a much better deal and with such high prices many customers end up bewitched and bewildered and end up scared of using their own phone.

If we here more about data roaming price cuts we will let you know as soon as possible.

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