Got an iPhone 4 with 3G problems?

Some would say when you already in the top position the only way to go is down and fall. As we are all aware the Apple iPhone 4 is the biggest thing to have hit the Smartphone world so far.

Resulting in of course everybody just waiting for the stumble to occur. According to a recent article by Robert Evans over at i4u.com any flaws which are to be found in the iPhone 4 are bound to be widely reported.

Having said that it would seem that one problem is affecting more than just a few unfortunate users out there. The repeatedly reported problem is extremely slow 3G data speed, one user claims a friend raced to a website on her 3GS and she got there well in front of the iPhone 4.

Another reported common problem seems to be getting disconnected when trying to access a webpage however, the same page can be easily reached with the 3G and also the 3GS. iPhone 4 users in the UK are also having the same problems which sort of excuses AT&T. Obviously we don’t know how long these persistent problems are likely to stay with you but we’d love to hear your comments if you have had any annoying problems with your iPhone 4.


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    George says:

    I upgraded from 3G to iPhone 4 at the week-end as I’d come to the end of my contract. Big mistake! First warning sign was the same day when with a friend and we were both accessing the web… he locked in quickly on his 3Gs whilst mine never even made it! The last three days have been a disaster. I use the phone extensively for business but there are so many places I just can’t get a decent signal or, the phone drops it’s connection – and this in Plymouth city. Hate to think what it will be like out in the sticks. Very rarely do I get 3G, usually it’s just a whirly wheel searching… Unfortunately, I gave my 3G to my son… he’s delighted… I’m disappointed. I’m putting mine back and will use a cheapo phone ’till Apple get the issue resolved. Brilliant for everything but making calls and using the web.

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    Martin says:

    I have to turn 3G off because when its on I get no signal or a very week signal.
    Last time I will buy an iphone.

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