HTC Sabor 2GHz Android Gingerbread Smartphone: 4G Connectivity

A new smartphone by the name of HTC Sabor is rumoured to boast 2GHz and Android 3.0 Gingerbread OS.

According to Android Guys this handset will boast either Android 3.0 or Android 2.5, but considering information is slim it is not sure what it will come with at this stage. The Sabor will be with Sprint and will release sometime in the holidays.

Main features expected include a 2GHz processor, 1080p video recording, 10-megapixel camera, front-facing camera, over 1,000 resolution display and a built-in kickstand.

Now considering Sprint has 4G connectivity, we would love to know if the HTC Sabor will boast this feature, could this be the device that will beat the HTC EVO 4G?

We would like to learn more about this smartphone and we will get the information for you soon, wonder if the Sabor will come with an AMOLED display screen. As soon as we hear more about this handset we will let you know straight away, if you know anything else about the HTC Sabor please do let us know.

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2 thoughts on “HTC Sabor 2GHz Android Gingerbread Smartphone: 4G Connectivity”

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    UniqueNate88 says:

    I just hope it has a unique design. Most HTC phones are looking the same. The only thing that differs them are specs. Like one may have more of this and a bigger that. When all in all they are pretty much the same phone. HTC needs to come with a unique and solid design with a awesome ui. They need a line of phones and stop making pretty much the same phones. They need variety. I hope the HTC EVO is a line and the Sabor is number two to that.

    I love HTC but they can get pretty old if they keep this up. Make some stand out and innovative and not just the next best thing. You guys are awesome so make a phone with it's own saying and something that shouldn't have a successor until about a years time because it is so good.

    Anything else in between should just be updates and mid level or high end devices of variety but nothing compared or just as good as flagship phones for carriers. It's one thing that a new phone is around the corner all the time but, when you really look at it, it's just the same thing. Just a bigger screen, maybe a little faster, maybe more res.

    I hope this phone is beautiful and solid and thin, awesome screen size and quality, etc. So when you make the next one up you have no choice to change the game every time you make the successor to it.

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    chris says:

    well i found out that htc is not making the htc sabor with a AMOLED they are manufacturing there own design and screen I just hope that the htc sabor will look nice and super slim I want it to have all the things uniquenate88 said but other than that i hope this phone will be the best of them all.

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