Garminphone Sales Poor at Best

It appears that the Garminphone, the latest navigation device from Garmin, on the T-Mobile network isn’t doing too well and is suffering from poor sales, which let’s be honest here, poor sales of the device doesn’t actually surprise does it?

According to David over on TmoNews, by way of Cellular-news, Yair Reiner, an analyst for Morgan Keegan says that approximately only 20,000 Garminphone devices have been sold to the public, although T-Mobile has not confirmed the figure.

Basically all the Garminphone has to offer a customer is a full on navigation platform along with Android 1.6 and custom menu which makes it somewhat of a niche handset, and besides many other smartphones can offer the user navigation along with the latest operating systems.

According to Reiner, after the release of the Garminphone, many stores still didn’t have the device on display, although those stores that did have it displayed some didn’t sell any while others sold less than five units. As a result, Reiner is lowering his expectations for Garmin sales.

Any guesses as to how long before the Garminphone heads the same way as the Microsoft KIN phones?


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    Derek says:

    "Any guesses as to how long before the Garminphone heads the same way as the Microsoft KIN phones?"
    ! Do you ever know how many sets of kin sold in the first month? not more than 1k. It's not quite common for phones to phase out just 2 months after the debut, not mention for the big company like Microsoft. Garminfone maybe not selling well. but i don't think the thing happen on kin would happen again on Garminfone.

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