O2 Pay Deal Rejected by CWU Members

Having only just shelved the strike action ballot with BT, the Communication Workers Union has now rejected a pay offer by O2 of 2% with union members voting nine to one against accepting the pay deal.

According to an article over on Mobile Today, the CWU consultative ballot, run by Electorial Reform Services, closed with 90 percent of voters rejecting the O2 offer with a turn out of 36 percent.

Ina Cuthbert, assistant secretary for the Communication Workers Union says “All along O2 has argued that it’s “market leading” offer would be accepted. CWU members in O2 have shown that not to be true in the most dramatic fashion. From the outset the union’s negotiating team pledged that it would accept the outcome of the ballot whatever the result. We now hope that O2 will listen to the collective voice of employees and enter into meaningful talks for an improved pay settlement.”

The Communication Workers Union is now looking to meet with O2 with a view to reopening negotiations, and if O2 decides not to commence new negotiations it could mean that members may vote on the possibility of industrial action.

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