Free Smartphones for Trying On American Eagle Jeans

Well this seems like a promotion not to be missed if you are in the states, apparently American Eagle is launching their “back-to-school” promo whereby anyone who tries on a pair of American Eagle jeans can get a free smartphone.

According to Kelly Hodgkins, over on the Boy Genius Report by way of Aeonline, any customer coming out of the fitting rooms will be given a card, on said card is the instructions on how to select a carrier and gain a free smartphone, naturally the smartphone will carry a 2-year agreement.

Apparently there are 40 devices in this promotion but unfortunately none of them have been listed so we’re not too sure just what smartphone are in the offer, but apparently do include BlackBerry devices and Android devices.

American Eagle will also give a $25 gift card as a bonus to anyone that purchases a smartphone via their promotion which begins as of the 21st of July until the 3rd of August. So if anyone takes advantage feel free to let us know which device you picked up for free.

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