iPhone 4 Steve Jobs case for $299

Well seriously if you are a fan of the man you’re gonna love this iPhone 4 accessory, that is if you are willing to fork over some $299 for the pleasure of having the iPhone Guru’s effigy splattered all over the back of your iPhone 4.

Purely for the iPhone faithful I would think, this expensive gem comes out way courtesy of Jason Chen over at Gizmodo, and can be purchased from Crystal Icing covered with Swarovski crystals depicting the image of Steve Jobs and the Apple logo.

Somehow I can’t see many of these being sold, but then again who knows, maybe there is a bundle of Jobs dedicated fans out there who will fall over themselves to carry a crystal effigy of the iPhone god in their pocket.

However if you don’t fancy sporting Steveo’s mug on your iPhone 4 there are other designs available, but to be honest if you hand over three hundred bucks for an iPhone case you must have it bad.

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