Android Phone Heading for Space via Astdroid: Video

Most would say that an android belongs in space so why not send an Android phone into space? Well apparently that is just what’s going to happen an Android handset will be sent into space though the Astdroid project.

According to an article over on Mashable by Jennifer Van Grove, 25 year old Danny Pier is behind the Astdroid project and Pier looked to Kickstarter to pull in some funding to send an Android smartphone up into space, and apparently 66 backers have come forward and pledged over $2,000 to achieve this.

Apparently Peir, a self described computer nerd, believes he can track the Android smartphones journey through space by equipping a weather balloon with an HTC EVO 4G and use the device’s camera, computing power, transmitter and GPS to keep tabs on the phone.

If you have inkling to learn more about the Astdroid project, we have an outline of the project on video for your viewing pleasure which lasts almost eight minutes and can be viewed below, so check it out and enjoy.

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