Apple’s Steve Jobs Named Smartest CEO in Tech

Despite all the commotion over the latest tech to drop from the Apple tree namely the iPhone 4 and its tech issues it appears that the honour of the title the Smartest CEO in the field of Technology goes to the iPhone Guru himself, Steve Jobs.

According to an article over on Itproportal, the Apple chief has been granted the title by Fortune magazine according to an article over on the Economic Times. The “50 Smartest People in Tech” list also included Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon, Jack Ma the CEO of Alibaba Group and Richard Rosenblatt the CEO of Demand Media.

According to the article the magazine said, “Jobs is a pop culture icon like no other business executive. He is a visionary, a micromanager and a showman who creates such anticipation around new products that their releases are veritable holidays.”

Fortune then went on to list the contribution Steve Jobs has made such as improving Apple’s financial position along with the company’s market standing, so all round patting Steve Jobs on the back for a job well done.

Funny though, if Mr Jobs is so smart I would have thought he would have come forward and stop denying the antenna problems with the iPhone 4 and come up with a smart solution to the problem, what do you think?


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    Tyler Roose says:

    After $2300.00 usd was stolen by a Alibaba.com, I have contacted Alibaba.com about the address of their corporate headquarters and office locations.

    But after ten times I have been refused, they only have given me a fax number located somewhere in China.

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    Ross says:

    They already have come up with a technical solution for the poor reception, the 'Bumper'. And it's a way to get another £25 out of your pocket! I know, I know, it's a designer accessory, but isn't it funny how it just happens to sort the problem of touching the antenna. Methinks they didn't realise there was a problem till it was too late and were committed to the launch

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