iPhone 4 Accessories: Griffin Elan Passport Wallet Case

If you are still looking for Apple iPhone 4 accessories then the Griffin Elan Passport Wallet may possibly be something you are looking for.

This is a stunning little folio case with metal accents and card pockets, it will hold your iPhone 4 snuggly and keep everything you would normally keep in your purse or wallet safe and secure and indeed organized.

The flip design allows you to access your smartphone and use the touchscreen; it will protect your phone from bumps and scratches and of course will keep it clean.

Main features include: Bifold wallet design with metallic accents, Bank card/ID slots and separate pocket for bills, Flip-cover protection for iPhone, Security lanyard (Platinum only) and No-scratch inner lining.

For more information on the $39.99 Griffin Elan Passport Wallet iPhone case and option to buy please visit Griffin’s website. If you already own this product please send us your personal reviews.


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    Andrew in DC says:

    I would not recommend this case. How reviewers missed this, I don't know, but the phone is not secured in the case unless the wallet is closed. When opened to use the phone, the suede linging makes it very easy for the phone to slide out and hit the concrete — as it did the first time I used my new iPhone that was my Christmas gift from my family. AT&T sold me the case and phone, but refused to replace the phone. The store manager admitted a design flaw, but did not offer a refund on the case. AT&T's customer service offered a case refund. I'm waiting to hear from Griffin — both AT&T and Apple suggested contacting them. Meanwhile, I'm awaiting my appointment at the Genius Bar…

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