iPhone 4 Problems: Has yours caught alight yet?

Apple iPhone 4 has another problem other than the reception loss issue, this time round some poor soul found the smartphone on fire.

We visited the Telegraph and they report via BGR the iPhone 4 burned and a USB cable melted, if you visit the source above you will clearly see the iPhone 4 dock connecter burned and the cable frazzled a little.

The owner of the iPhone took it to a AT&T store to see if they could help fix the problem even though judging by the pictures it seems no fix is possible.

The problem occurred when the iPhone 4 was on charge using the USB cable connected to a computer, an AT&T source claims that Apple said the fault lies with a faulty USB cable and not a design flaw.

We would love for Apple iPhone 4 customers to come forward if they have had such problems, has your device over heated or indeed melted like this poor customers phone?

Personally I am not having this problem because I am still waiting for the iPhone 4 to be delivered, making me wonder now if I have made the right choice considering the above and of course lack of signal when holding the smartphone wrong. We reported a new reception case from IvySkin for the iPhone 4 that will help, maybe you would like to have a read about that here.

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