Rogers iPhone 4 Training for Employees

All you iPhone 4 wannabees over in the great white of Canada had been get prepared because the latest is that Rogers Wireless is starting training staff on the latest technological marvel to fall from the Apple tree, but brace yourselves for some reception issues.

According to an article by Ian Hardy over on Mobile Syrup, the iPhone 4 is “coming soon” but as yet there is no exact date as to when Rogers customers can purchase the iPhone 4.

However the image does show that Rogers is starting training staff and shows the descriptions for the online training being “Selling the iPhone 4” and “Introduction iPhone 4.”

So any of our Canadian readers hoping to gain the iPhone 4 in the not too distant future on the Rogers network, if so shout out in our comments area below…thanks.


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    Ryan says:

    I'm looking forward to it, to an extent. Being stuck on the Rogers network for at least another year (ain't no way I'm shelling out over $200 to buy out my contract) it's pretty much the best new smartphone option out there… I *really* wish they would get more Android phones though. Right now the only other *serious* contender is Sony's Xperia X10, and that's not really a serious option

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