Apple iPhone 4 Problems: WiFi Network Connection

The growing number of complaints coming in about the new Apple iPhone 4 is surrounding the reception loss, yes many have complained about signal issues when holding the handset in the wrong way.

There is no need for us to bang on about the reception issue as we have mentioned it many times before and it is well known now, but what we have not wrote about a lot is the ‘WiFi Network Connection’.

We have had a few emails covering Wi-Fi connection speed on the iPhone 4 smartphone, some complain that the speed is diabolical and tiresome to say the least. The iPhone does have 2 antenna bands around the rim of the iPhone, one is for signal reception and the other is for GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-fi.

If you visit Apple discussions you will also see a number of complaints, personally I have a few friends and they have the Apple iPhone 4 and they have experienced reception issues but bought themselves bumper cases and this seems to have fixed the issue, they have not mentioned anything to me about WiFi network connection.

So please we are asking you if you could use our comments area below and let us know if you have encountered problems with WiFi network connection. Thanks

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  • Liam

    Wifi painfully slow for me both at home and work (different routers). Uploading a photo to facebook takes several minutes – it's seconds on 3G. I bought a bumper too and must say no issues with network signal – but wifi = very disappointing.

  • Nicholas

    Apple actually completely banned me from all of there forums for posting this exact comment. I guess the truth hurts! But this is my overall opinion about the iPhone 4 including input on WiFi

    Hello all,

    I am new to these forums and a big Apple fan. I am pretty sure I own just about every product Apple has produced within the last 3 years! I am a software programmer, engineer apps, and own a AV business in Las Vegas Nevada. I currently have 5 iPhone 4’s on my family share plan and had intentions of purchasing about 15 of them for my employees who are currently using 3GS’s. I would just like to start off by saying I am very disappointed with the iPhone 4, I personally think that this product is worse than everyone is making it out to be. The reception issue alone is unacceptable, I have a 3G Micro Cell in my office and at home I practically lease my property to AT&T for a cell tower so needless to say I have more than enough reception around me for test purposes. All 5 phones fail, not only do I drop the calls when my finger accidentally touches the bottom left corner but with all devices in a rather large protective rubber case I lose calls soon after I place the device near my face forcing me to use speaker phone or one of those Blu-Tooth devices. I am very surprised to actually see people defending these phones! And as if the reception problem was not bad enough the device has now adopted this new Proximity Sensor issue causing you to, mute, hold, end, and make calls undesirably wile placing another call. Another noted issue that I have seen is that WiFi signal will drop to low levels and slow down when I hold the phones in different way wile surfing the web. Sometimes I don’t even know which particular issue caused me to drop the call and would like to know if there are any intelligent answers out there as to if and what type of fix may be in sight?


    I hope that there is some type of answer soon, I would hate to see this put a bad taste in peoples mouth. I have always thought of Apple as the Company who cared dearly in regards to product reliability.


    A Note to Apple, please stop erasing this question, I don’t see the threat in it and I think everyone has a right to there opinions. So if there are any questions or comments regarding this please contact me by email at *************

    Thank you for reading


  • Mike

    I have a download speed at home of 14 meg on an n enabled router. I’ve used a speed test app which shows a download on iPhone 4 at a pathetic 1meg at best! And that is when it decides to stay connected!

  • Peter

    I recently purchased the iPhone 4 and got a simplicity sim and gave my old iPhone 3 to my girlfriend. After a day or so surfing or watching clips on YouTube I realised that my wifi was running very poorly although it was showing 3 bars. I then reset my network settings and tried again but it was the same. I got my old hand set and went on to a video clip on YouTube then I set up the same clip on the iPhone 4 and immediately the iPhone 3 played the clip perfect whilst the iPhone 4 got to 7 secs then started to buffer and pause and both phones were showing 3 bars of wifi. But I haven’t noticed a signal problem when I call someone. The phone is goin back!!!

  • Sel

    Can’t watch you tube videos on my iPhone 4 unless i save them first using a down loader app. I tried watching a 3 minute clip with my iPhone 4 from you-tube. It loaded for one hour and the clip didn’t play up till the half way mark. Mind you, I was connect to you-tube through my home WiFi connection and the speed of which was worse than the edge network.

  • Lorna

    I had the original iPhone and was very happy with it. So, I bought the new iPhone 4. I cannot use my home wifi. It continues to tell me my password is incorrect when I know for a fact it isn't. I also have another computer and a laptop using that same wifi password and it works on them. I then read some of the comments and it said to use an ASCII passphrase so I did that. It worked that night and the next day it wouldn't work either. I am really frustrated with this. I was so looking forward to having the new phone and now I wish I had stuck with my old one.

  • Pat

    I upgraded from an iPhone 3Gs to the iPhone 4. My wireless N connection is strong throughout the home with 2 other 3GS phones. My iPhone 4 begins to lose WiFi strength within 15 feet distance from the router. This could be a serious issue for me if I can't get it fixed, as I suspect it will be for others – especially those in weaker 3G areas.

    • Jim

      I am having this same issue. I had the 3gs with no WiFi connection issues in my home. We now have a 3g, 3gs, iPod Touch (3rd Gen) and the 4G. Only the 4g has WiFi issues. One minute I am connected to WiFi and the next I am on the Edge network (I don't have 3G access near my house). This is extremely frustrating.

      • @miguel_fcampos

        I have the same issue with my Iphone4. How did you fix it? DId you change your phone?

  • Brian

    Same issues here. 3g upgraded to iPhone4. Now I cannot use WIFI at my house. WRT610N router, everything elese works fine on it. Drops signal. Asks for password over and over. Disabled security, still very poor speeds and drops out completely at 30 feet. However, I can say, I do not have the AT&T network issue I hear so much about. I can make calls.

  • Dale

    I think Apple should do more then give every one a bump becouse if Apple can spend 100’s of millions pounds a year on marketing I think they can do better then that, like recall ever new iPhone4 they sold in the last mouth or so and replace or fix all of them. I wounder if Apple is going to be sneekie and in a few mouths time reless the Apple iPhone5 that with have all the fix’s to the prolems that the iPhone4 has got? I hope that if Apple dose this then us customers with our iPhone4’s should all go down to our local Apple stores and demand that they should relace it the new iPhone5 for free!

  • Gaf

    Wi fi slow here too much slower than my wifes iPod touch and my old 3G (well before ios4 virtually bricked it anyway) very cross about this. YouTube is unusable and the web is so much quicker on 3G. Strange it coincides with the capping of web use over 3G.

  • Todd

    I have noticed a huge difference (slower) in performance with the iPhone 4 in regards to wifi. I can increase the wifi speed by holding the phone a certain way. I currently own 3 iPhones and I'm going today to get the Droid X. I will get my money back for the iPhone 4 and use the other 2 for a music/video player. Apple…thanks for the kick in the nuts!

  • James

    I’ve installed the latest update for iphone 4 and now I have to reboot my phone when I get home for it to recognise any wi-fi routers. I’m really pleased with all my other Apple products but I think iPhone 4 is poorly conceived and certainly not worth the money. Will probably switch back to my iPhone 3G and not update the OS!

  • Anand

    I bought a iPhone 4 recently. Until now, it was working perfectly. Today, it is unable to connect to home WiFi and it also resets the connection of other devices (my laptops and other WiFi enabled devices). Why? Has anyone experienced similar problem? What is the solution?

  • Jamie orndoff

    Hi,I bought the iPhone 4.I had the older iPhone 3G.I worked great.the wifi connected at good speeds (3 Meg or more).Well my iphone4 is very slow on connects at very best@700megabites.

    That’s dial up speed as far as I’m concern

  • Martin

    Same here. Had 3G working great with my wifi at home. With iphone 4, I get droppes from wifi all the time. Says incorrect password, although I know it’s correct. Very frustrating.

    • Craig

      I just bought the iphone 4 and I have yet to be able to connect to my wifi at home in the house. Some times when I go outside the house it will connect. The main problem that I am having is that it keeps telling me that the password I use is not correct and I know that it is. I think that Apple should do something far more than give out bumper pads.

  • James

    Same here I just bought my iPhone 4 less then 24 hours and I’m already having problems with the wifi I’m an apple fan and I really enjoyed the 3GS it was slot faster but the wifi on iPhone 4 is worst then edge

    • Mick

      I have the same problem; I use an Apple Airport Wirelass modem, never had any problems, have 3 other macs using it; Iphone 3 worked fine on it; since I upgraded to my iphone 4 with 4.1 OS I cannot connect to the internet; password is OK; shows 5 bars on signal; have tried turning modem off and on, nothing seems to work…infuriating!!! back to my Iphone 3

  • James Douglas

    Yup it’s flawed. Sagem F@st2504 router Sky 20Meg BB. All is well with every computer, laptop and 3GS in my household. iPhone4 continually asks for password, drops connection and is very slow when connected. Swapped router for BT Voyager and have same issues.

  • Walther

    If you are experiencing reception issues with your iPhone 4, you are eligible to receive an iPhone 4 Bumper or other select third-party case from Apple at no charge.

  • steviehat

    I think a lot of these i phone 4s are faulty..My first one wouldn't see any wifi signals until i was practically on top of them and then slow as hell.It also did that black out thing every now and then. I took it back. This one's as fast as you like. mind you i haven't updated the software yet…

  • Chris

    Same problem… shut off Airport and modem for 30 seconds. Back on and all good.

  • Cheryl

    We've had a new router due to issues like this. Our ipads drop wifi all the time and so does my iphone 4. Sometimes my ipad has connection but says no internet connection. Iphone 4 just drops connection.
    laptops and imac work fine.
    they usually say they're connected in settings but the fan shape isn't there in the corner.
    I'm at a bit of a loss but it's annoying!
    I'm not holding ipads or iphone most of the time so it's not like i'm blocking aerials.
    Usually fix it by turning off the router and turning it back on again.

  • Tim

    I have a slightly different problem. When trying to access the wireless with the iPhone 4, it brings down the whole system and I have to reboot the router to re-establish wifi at all. I tried four times to let the iPhone download an update last night, the first three times, this problem happened; the 4th time, it worked. The phone is 9 days old and I didn't notice the problem for the first four days or so. So, it is not a 100% correlation, but it is close enough that it's clearly an iPhone problem. I need to fix this or the phone's going to have to go back and I'll have to switch to something else – I can't bring the whole system down every time the phone wants internet access.

    • Mike

      I second Tim's problem. We have three laptops that get kicked off if the iPhone 4 has wifi enabled, and I have to re-boot the modem (It seems to re-connect faster if I reboot the modem instead of the router, but we are about to set up an experiment). Still, this is a bizarrely powerful problem for a phone to have this kind of disruptive capacity. Please let me know if you found a solution. Linksys RangePlus router model wrt110, RCA (Thomson) modem model DCM425, Comcast high-speed internet, one Mac and two PC laptops.

  • Scott T

    Wifi for my iPhone 4 has been borked since i got it a few days ago. I'm using a dlink N router and cannot connect to my home network unless i setup a guest channel and leave it unsecured, Only then will it connect and its still terribly slow. We have several other iDevices that all connect to the secured network but not my shiney new 4. Called apple they had nothing for me that i hadn't already tried.

  • Christian

    Pick up iPhone 4 for me and my wife on 9-18-10. WiFi is very very slow for us and it seems no matter what I do it wont fix the issue. 3g is much faster but if I go to WiFi its way to slow for my taste don't know what to do hope Apple comes out with a fix or replaces our phones good luck to everyone.

  • Mike

    I am a late adopter of the iphone and just gave in to peer pressure from all the pro-apple people I know. Purchased the iphone 4 about three months ago. Purchased a bumper to use until my free one from Apple arrived a few days ago. As for the 3G reception with the bumper…. I do have the occasional dropped call but the percentage is low enough that it is tolerable. The WiFi reception is the most perplexing issue. I setup WiFi for home router which was quick and easy. Seemed to work as intended as nothing really caught my attention until a month of use. Now I can rarely connect (1 out of 10 trys) to WiFi while at home. My wife has the same phone, same problem and same timeline. From a big picture perspective…. the only changes in our use that directly correlates to poor WiFi performance has been the number applications downloaded. Having said that… I am not smart enough about the iphone 4 operating system to investigate further. Just frustrated that Apple support is becoming increasingly pompous especially as it relates to reception inquiries/challenges. Apple's absence of humility concerns me as it leaves a significant crack in the door for competition.

  • E murray

    @ James Douglas

    I have a 3GS with the same router (the sagem f@st

    My iPhone 3GS does exactly what your iPhone 4 is doing. Dropping signal all the time. I changed the router to a Belkin wireless n router and it doesn’t drop the signal atall, and it doesn’t forget the password every 3 minutes. Personally I think it’s to do with that specific router

  • Michael

    I have had it terribly. I have had 3 iphone 4's and all of them have had problems with wi fi on sky in the UK. My ipad, imac and all other equipment flies on it, but the IP4 is hurrendous. A lot of talk about this on sky across the net. Something to do with the b g and n lark but I have messed around with it no end and never got half a decent wi fi signal on the IP4. 3G is always faster for everything. Very poor. Sky/Apple need to sort it out

  • Andy clark

    I have just upgraded my 3GS to the i4. I must say the wifi ping test are not what I would say good ranging from 220-600 on my home network compared to my 3GS it’s like going back to the 3G I have an app original Gangstaz ( im number1 in the world ace rocks og lol) and my hit rate has went to 2-4 seconds as my 3GS is 1.9-2 steady I think that there maybe one hell of an issue with the phone and I am highly disappointed in apples lack of understanding in this they wonder why we all jailbreak I do to fix their stupid errors that they don’t bother to address

  • Richard english

    I can honestly say ive had no issues with calls been dropped or bad reception in the 2 months I’ve had the iPhone 4 but my wifi is unbelievably slow, 3G is very fast and even edge isn’t terrible but when I connect it to my home wifi it is so slow. My wifi can easily run my xbox, pc, and two laptops but a single iPhone seams too much.

  • Cheaperthanyou

    I’m having the same issues here with slow wifi, dropped connection. I read on another forum to try a static ip address but the problems still exist.

    I have noticed while reading here something new. If my hand or finger is across the top of the iphone 4 my wifi drops 1 bar. In brief testing it has appeared to affect the this very consistently. I’m using a Otterbox defender case. I’m going to monitor my handling to see if it makes a difference to connection stability.

  • Bruno

    i have an iphone 4 with a bumper and i get less than half of the wi-fi range i get using the laptop…

    • @miguel_fcampos

      I get the same problem. How did you solve it?

  • Carl

    I've just got an iphone 4 to replace my last handset and on the whole the wi-fi connection and speed seems to be OK. The biggest problem I'm having is the wi-fi dropping out. This seems to happen almost every time time the phone locks and while it's showing it's still connected to the wi-fi and with all 3 bars, when trying to use the internet it just sits there. Renewing the lease generally works but can't see any reason it drops connection to start with. Never had this problem with Nokia or HTC!!! I have tried static IP, DHCP, and changed the DNS to an open dns server ( ) as suggested by some other sites but it still seems to drop out. Is this a wi-fi bug??

  • sam

    WiFi probelm here too……just got a new iphone 4. Very poor signal on wifi. I stayed in couple of hotels the iphone 3G was able to detect the siganl wihtout any issues but my iphone 4 cannot even detect the wireless signal at all.

    I tried multiple times restarted the phone no help. Even at homw whenI am standing in frot of my wireless router i hardly get two bars and speed is aweful

    In my office where other have older iphones they get full bars on there wifi bu i hardly get one and that to keeps on disappearing from time time.

    Any body who were able to get a fix on there wifi issues?????

  • david

    similar problem – iphone 4 worked at home perfectly with wi-fi for about 3 months – other than downloading a couple of extra apps nothing has changed but I cant connect to my home wifi!

  • Nanaka

    ATTENTION~ i oso gt problem regardin network connection. my iphone cnt access to wifi at my house. it says "connection failed"….it dsnt matter whether its facebook or google, connection fail~!!! frustrated….=(

  • miki travis

    God I wish I had seen this about the WIFI earlier, exactly the same issue, drops out all the time, it has taken me all day to keep going backwards and forwards to my iphone to download 6 apps a large app the maps one has not succeeded at all had the phone less than 24hours and very dissapointed, the flight mode tip does reboot it ok but lasts about 2 mins total nightmare.. phone will be going back, also did not ship with bumper as promised by apple

  • Tomcat

    iPhone 4 here with a belkin n router. No issues at all nor any signal dropped when held in my left hand.

  • David Sosis

    I too am have alot of problems with my WiFi. I've even gone as far as replacing my router at home. It seems that if I have my phone pick up the IP address through the DHCP server, I can connect for about 5 minutes… then I lose my connection. If I set the IP address manually… I stay connected. This is happening only on my iPhone… not my other computers connected to my network. Way to go Apple!!! :-(

  • Dave (London)

    i have just bought an iPhone4 – and the data connection drops consistently and the only resolution is that i do a top and round buttong reboot. I get the same thing on both the network 3G connection, the non 3g connection AND while connected to wifi.

    I had exactly the same issue on my iphone 3G and apple always denied it was an issue … seems i have the same issue on the new one …. Apple say its the network (despite wifi also being an issue) and netowkr provider say its the phone … and i simply say I am unhappy and dont have a phone that works!

  • Alex

    I have found that this Wi-Fi problem started after IOS 4.1 update. I had not had a problem with Wi-Fi until I updated IOS to 4.1. Now I constantly have the problem with loosing Wi-Fi signal in my home network. I see that phone is connected in Settings/Wi-Fi but there is no Wi-Fi connection in status bar, there is 3G simbol instead.

  • jro

    I've been having issues with my wifi on my new iPhone 4. My old 3g is fine. Actually the wifi was working and has recently stopped showing up on my phone even though it says it's connected. I also can't seem to change any setting on my router either and am having problems contacting them to change the name and security settings. The router works fine with other laptops and older iPhones. I just wanted to change the password to something I can actually remember instead of carrying the stupid piece of paper around my house with me.
    I hope Apple fixes the wifi problem.
    I also hope that in the future they really test the products more thoroughly instead of rushing them into the market with glitches.
    It would also be great if they hired a cell phone developer to work on the phone processor in order to avoid the multitude of dropped calls which have resulted from computer guys thinking they are phone guys. I understand that GSM towers can't hold as many calls as the older CDMA towers, but it's getting ridiculous.

  • GTyoungblood

    I never had this problem on my 3G.

    The iPhone 4 will randomly lose network access. I notice this happens almost everytime I access the app store. I can browse for a few minutes, and then it seems to lock up.

    My first several times this happened I just reboot the phone to fix it. Later I decided to troubleshoot.

    1. Reboot wasn’t required. I could simply turn off wifi and 3G would pick up just fine.

    2. Turning wifi off/on would work too. Or airplane mode on and off as well would fix it.

    3. Hulu and Netflix streaming just fine, for hours non stop. BUT as soon as I go to the App Store the problem will come back in minutes.

  • GTyoungblood

    Just tested it again. Been browsing the internet for about an hour with no problems. I noticed an app had an update in the app store.

    I updated the app, and browsed the app store. No problems until I hit the check for update button again. It quit responding at that moment.

    Sitting at my kitchen table, 25′ line of sight with wireless router. Microwave oven is off as well (THAT DOES CAUSE BIG PROBLEMS IF IT’S ON!!)

    I switched to Safari, no connections to any site I tried.

    I have a network ping app, tried it.

    1. Pinging the iPhones own address shows it works.

    2. Pinging, my router, shows 100% packet loss. I let it go for about 5 minutes, and it was 100% loss the entire time.

    3. Having the pinging app ping the entire octet actually worked. It seems that doing that forced the connection to reset.

    Going back to the app store now. Want to find a network scanning app to watch it in realtime.

  • David Sosis

    I've finally found an answer to my wireless network problem. It was my WEP security coding. I disabled the WEP Security, and went to MAC Adress Filtering to lock out my network from unwanted users. Since then, I've connected with my iPhone perfectly. I wonder if "Apple" know this? lol

  • GTyoungblood

    This needs to be fixed!

    That’s my problem as well, only not WEP but WPA2.

    See my two posts above for the issues. And here is the fix.

    Turn off wireless security. I have kept my SSID hidden. I don’t want the rest of the neighborhood trying to connect to it. But turning off all security fixed all the issues with Wifi and 3G. I think whatever process was failing to wake wireless up and connect again was causing problems for 3G as well.

    I had spoken with an apple rep for one hour to the minute about trying to fix it. And I finally figured it out on my own.

    Oh, by the way, both hidden SSID and MAC filtering are very poor security measure for wireless networks. Its a trivial matter to see the SSID if you know how to sniff for it. It’s still transmitted. And MAC filtering is easy to get past by spoofing the MAC address. So don’t count on that either for security.

    In short, we’re both screwed until APPLE fixes this.

  • Steven McDonald

    I live in Great Britain and I have had the iPhone 4 since Christmas and at the start I was surprised at how quick the Wi-Fi connection speeds I was getting from my Sky Sagem Router. Then i went on holiday, i came back and it was unbelievably slow. It took me 147:23 to download a 6.8 MB song. Even now i am trying to download a 5.9 MB app, and it is taking forever. I've already been waiting for around 25 minutes. Earlier i was round at my friend's house and she has a BT Homehub and it was really quick but she lives in a big ish town and i live in a tiny village and the nearest exchange is about 8-10 miles away so that doesnt help. I also have an iPad which is fast at downloading compared to the slow iPhone. My Xbox 360 S is also quick and can do 100MB in about an hour. but Apple need to get into gear if they want to stay ahead of their rivals like Blackberry, LG, Nokia etc etc. I am going to the Apple shop this week to complain about the speeds.

  • Helen

    Had my iphone 4 for 8 months and has progressively got slower on wifi to the point where it is now hit and miss whether it will work at all. Done reboots, updates, checked router etc. No idea. Think it just got old quick.

  • Paul Mann

    I have the I phone 4 in Canada on the rogers network. my complaint is simply that when a wireless connections is available the phone does not connect to it. In many cases I have to turn of cellular data and 3G. to actually get the wireless activated. My question is simply is there a plant et more cellular charges?

  • Banna

    continuous usage of wireless on my iphone 4 has some problem.

    if I been using the wireless for 2 to 3 hrs (whenever i am in my home it will be connected to WIFI,)

    sometimes I am not able to access the net, even at that time the wireless reception in the phone will be showing full. but no network actually.

    then I have to go to setting and switch off WIFI, connect to my 3G and browse any website, then turn on WIFI.

    This will make it work again

    Please help, is this issue then i want to take it to service center, my phone is pretty new

    • Sybil

      I have EXACT same issue….have to disconnect WIFI and reconnect for it to work. It happens A LOT

  • Annie

    iphone 4 can't work on access connection for facebook news feed! what wrong with it? i use 3G but failed to access connection internet for Facebook news feed! sigh!

  • Steve Thorley

    My Iphone continuously drops out of my home wireless membership. I keep on having to put the massive password in to join my home network. Really anoying – is there anything i can do?

  • 하난 노리

    My iphone says Wifi password incorrect when it’s not. I can’t use wifi anymore. but somedays, it comes back on its own .. but most of the time, I can’t use it. Sometimes, it says “Can’t connect to the network. hope there is a solution for this!!

    • Anonymous

      same issue here……..and im having problems since Jan 2011

    • Anonymous

      same issue here……..and im having problems since Jan 2011

  • Panther333

    I noticed the slow Wifi on my Iphone 4 when trying to connect to Infinity Blade’s Arena. I used  Speedtest to see what my phone was pulling… If you don’t have the free app I suggest you download it. I keep ending up around a 1.02 Mps Download speed and .86 upload. I also have the same problem as 하난 노리. It says Cannot connect to network, doesn’t take the password the first time and finally connects on the second attempt. I thought it may be my router so I pinged everything wireless in the house and I get my normal 20Mbps. It’s definitely the Iphone 4.

  • Tracy

    I am unable to upload to Facebook using WiFi, however have no issues at all using my 3G connection.  Really annoying, the point is to not waste my data plan when I have WiFi available….finally switched from BB to iPhone for this???  :-p

  • Inah_sy06

    me too…i have problems on my iphone4 wi-fi. it cannot connect or detect networks that in fact i know there are wireless connections around unsecured…

  • Daryl

    I have 3 iPhones and two iPads in the house.  Two are iPhone 4 and the new one is of course the 4S.  Since the OS5 Upgrade, only my iPhone drops the ATT Router WiFi nightly and won’t reboot or find it after that until I reboot the router.  The other phones and iPads are fine.  I wondered if my plugging into recharge had an something to do with it, but everything else plugs into a charger so NOW I’m wondering if it’s my phone (?)

  • Trippin41

    So for the past 2 months I have had the Iphone 4. To avoid my payment over internet I use the wi-fi at my home. All of a sudden every time I sign in my Wi-Fi the 3G still shows up top. And I’m being charged payment. I thought this tech by now was not suppose to have glitches!!! :(

  • Phil Cottle

    Same issues here with new iphone4 – since upgrading to IOS5 it fails to connect after about 2 weeks of iOS5 to my home WIF although it seems OK in the office WIFI in London. No problems before iOS5. Laptop and all other computer on home network working fine with WI FI

  • Clari_c

    I can’t seem to connect to the iTunes store. Or connecting via my iPhone 4 seems to be a problem. It wasn’t like this before. I’m very sure I’m connected to the Internet – via home WiFi – because I could still surf via Safari. I could still use iMessage. I even called my Mom who’s in another country via Viber. Also, I could surf via my PC – Windows XP. But there really seems to be a problem with my iPhone because I am unable to use apps that require internet access. Also, error messages keep on appearing whenever I try to access iTunes or download apps. Also, when I tried to check for software update via my iPhone, a dialogue box saying “Unable to Check for Update. An error occured while checking for a software update” appeared.

    I don’t know if this is connected to my problem but whenever I open iTunes on my PC, the app which failed to download on my iPhone downloads on my PC’s iTunes except that I also get an error message – 3150. But then I would try to refresh many times the download process until it works.

  • Dominic

    iphone 4S wifi problem, It has to be within 3-4 feets from the router, or it will simply disconnect, or keep bumping up and wown with the wifi signal logo.

    • Jim

      Same here, I did have an IPhone 3gs w/ iOS 5.0.1, It got wet and stoped working so I get an IPhone 4, Bought it from an individual as it is a 32gb for $200 with a cracked screen. The wifi was working fine before today, I had the screen replaced today now I cant walk more than 5-7 feet from the router or my signal drops. My wife’s 3gs still works great, not sure if some connections were broke or what the case it…. I just hope It works on my works wifi network better than my home wifi network. Guess I am going to have to buy a couple of wifi signal repeaters for the house.

      • Jim

        UPDATE: I got my wifi working now. I did some researching and found out that in the phone there is this metal sheild called an EMI sheild. There is a long screw that goes into the top of that sheild to ground it allowing the wifi to work. Anyways, the company i paid to replace my screen somehow forgot to put this screw in which made it to where I had to be within 3-4 feet of the router. Now that I have replaced that screw my wifi works great. Just thought I would put it out there.

  • Daniel

    I put in the right password for my Wi-Fi  network and it just has the little circle going around and around, and it still says 3G on the top, and sometimes it comes back on its own. Maybe its because I have iOS 5.0.1. This problem isnt on the 3GS though.

  • DavidPosas

    My son can’t get wifi connection with his iPhone 4, we rebooted it turn the router on& off etcetc no change: no wifi, the” wifi address ” does not work, it does not open.

  • Cindy_ivanoff2000

    my husband and I upgraded from iphone 3g, we have wifi in our home and every other device has no problem with connection, including our old 3g since we got the 4s we cannot stay connected. I have tried moving the the router, but that didn’t seem to help.  

  • jd

    I just bought a new iphone 4s.  My wifi network is not coming up as an option for me to connect to, however I can see all my neighbours networks on my iphone.  My old iphone had no problem connecting to the wifi network and my flatmates iphone 4s works fine.  My laptop is currently connected to the wifi.  I tried rebooting the phone, computer and router but nothing worked

    • Jim

      Was the phone bought New in the box, or when you say new do you mean new to you? If you purchased this phone from an individual you may want to check inside the phone its self. there is a piece called an EMI Sheild. A long screw goes through the top hole not only does this screw hold the sheild in place but it also grounds the sheiild allowing wifi to workl

      If the phone was bought new in the box I would say take it back to your carrier and demand a new one.

      Just some ideas to consider

  • Nawzad

    I have IPohne 4s,,, I’m trying to connect my laptop using my IPhone connection I was able to it for about week or 2 but not any…
    is there anyone might knows what is the problem??

  • Joecash127

    how do you get the passwords to join WiFi networks

  • Ninonoah

    My 4s will connect to the wifi then will just keep unconnecting itself but my brother who has the droid razor will stay connected the whole time. Then when I try to reconnect  it doesn’t let me.

  • jayzee

    I have a problem with the iPhone’s Wi-Fi as well, let me explain…I have 2 Airport Extreme in my house, one of them is 2nd Generation which does not support 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz simultaniously. The other one is 5th gen which does support dual frequency.The 2nd gen has the following Radio Modes:802.11n (802.11b/g complatible)802.11n (2.4Ghz only)802.11n (802.11a complatible)802.11n (5Ghz only)and the 5th gen has the following Radio Modes:802.11a/n – 802.11b/g802.11a – 802.11b/gI got the first choice posted on the 2nd gen one, and the first choice posted on the 5th gen one. Both routers are set up so they work in the same network. When I keep my 5th gen router on, my iPhone 4S wifi works EXTREMELY slow, but when I turn the 5th gen off (connecting automatically to the 2nd gen Airport, my iPhone wifi works like a charm.I’ve tried every possible option in the Airport Extreme 5th gen with no luck, apparently the 802.11a does not work with the iPhone and there doesn’t seem to be an option to disable it and just work with N.Any thoughts?

  • theZman

    I “am” still having problems with the Wi-Fi connection.  Initially, the connection was okay.  Now for some reason it could NOT maintain connection with my Wi-Fi.  It keeps stating that the password I am keying in is wrong.  I changed the “router” password, reboot everything including the Iphone4 and it still keeps “prompting” me to enter a password.  I got lucky ONCE with the password and got a connection… BUT, the problem with that is, it was the “OLD” password… wtf.  Now, it got disconnected somehow and I am back to square one… i.e., keeps prompting to enter the password.  VERY, VERY FRUSTRATED! 

  • Rocknbbsq12

    I am having a lot of trouble with my 4s.  I’ve just complained to AT&T.   Been worse with the 4s than with the 4.

  • Yateslawrence

    Having loads of trouble with connecting to wifi.  This has only started recently.  Typically, what happens is that if I leave the phone for two or three minutes, it goes onto 3g (which I believe it’s supposed to do) and when I pick up, it picks up the wifi.  However, if I leave for, say, 30 minutes, it fails to re-connect to wifi and when I go into “settings” it says “unable to search for wifi” (I say this from memory – the words may not be exact).  Nothing I can do makes any difference except if I completely power down and re-start.  I’m having to do this several times a day.

  • Sbirch1

    having problems with my optimum online network account after downloading new ios 5.1 updates on my iphone and my ipad – network is no longer recognizing my username or password so now i have no email

  • Anthony Quiroz63

    i downloaded the rock band app i tried downloading a song for the game it shows i purchased it but it won’t download it keeps saying check net work connections

  • Hannah Verkerk

    My new iphone 4S keeps on switching to a different wireless connection? 

  • Rachel R.

    For the past couple of months the only issue I had with my iPhone 4s was that if I’d leave my house and be away at another area I could get wifi in by the time I’d get home my phone would no longer automatically connect to my wifi at home. Today, though, I’ve just been introduced to the frustration on it telling me I have the incorrect password as I try to log into my wifi. I’ve tried rebooting both my phone and the router… but it all remains the same. I hope Apple does something to fix this soon since I just realized that there are many more people who are struggling with this issue.

  • Ihaveissues

    my iphone 4s wont connect to my home wifi. I go on the settings and it wont even let me look at wireless connections it just says no wi-fi.

  • Folgers_girl

    what about the wifi and the wireless printers that have wifi that is supposed to work, and is labled wireless printers wifi? why does it not work when hp puts it on the box wifi printing? need someone who knows about this?????????? it worked before, and it will not work now????

  • blw

    yes my 4s is starting to drop my home wifi connection….. only mine, i use a cisco/linksys b,n,g  wireless router with a simple wep key encryption code at both homes and they both started dropping off recently. weird part is my wifi was golden at both locations up to now, i have owned the phone for 6months flawlessly. i really like it….except for this small annoying anomoly. please help   oh and nothing at all has changed no variables whatsoever.

  • Blw728

    i got my 4s to work after reading the below post’s i think by the emi shield problem mentioned below my phone has been dropped and susequently it must have disturbed this shield minutely. i sat where i used to be able to connect and by hand, gently flexed my phone and watched the wifi signal go from 1 bar to full bars and connect fast . summary- i know it is a signal reception deficiency but i have not gutted the phone to determine the actual cause. but flexing it gently shows a difference so i think something is internally misaligned. i may perform surgery on this phone to correct it , i will post my 4s autopsy report if i locate the problem.

  • Manish Gaha Magar
  • carpet

    I was given a iphone4 as a present and i can get internet but cannt get or make phone calls on it why?

  • Viv Bowen Parlane

    have a samsung galaxy note 2, on wifi can’t pick up certain websit or indoors on pc, but when out on 4g picks the websites up ok. Any ideas?

  • mjl

    i have a iphone 4s , i am having trouble with my wifi, i have done the reset network and the all settings , and still no wifi , i have also replaced a new wifi part (myself) (£140 cheaper than apple ). worked for 10 mins then went off . any help would be greatful

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