Will Apple Recall Hold up White iPhone 4 Release?

The antenna problem dogging the new iPhone 4 is growing in the news with many speculating that Apple may have to issue a recall of the device; some experts have even said it is inevitable. So far all Apple has suggested solving the iPhone 4 issue is hold it differently or purchase a $30 bumper case.

Apple has also stated that anyone not happy with the iPhone 4 can always return the device, and have thus far refused to offer customers a free bumper case. Apple also said they were pushing out an iOS 4 software update to solve the bar problem, which as far as I know hasn’t materialised yet, but won’t fix the antenna issue anyway.

Thus far there has been a delay in releasing the much sort after iPhone 4 White, rumour has it that Apple is working on an antenna fix before releasing the white version but that hasn’t been confirmed by Apple.

So if Apple is forced to issue a recall of the plagued iPhone 4 will that have a knock on effect and mean the iPhone 4 White will be delayed even further? My thoughts are, more than likely.


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    Mike says:

    There wouldn't be a recall for the iPhone 4, that would only be used if there was a safety concern. Apple will probably fix most of it with a software patch, then issue a $50 coupon to any Apple Store (or online) to get a case. Problem solved.

    A recall won't happen.

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    Seth says:

    Who are these internet journalists that don't know English? The much sort after iPhone 4 White? I don't know how you can mistake sort and sought. Apple will not issue a recall. They don't need to. There likely isn't a problem with the design of the phone. More than likely the areas where these people are having reception problems would have reception problems no matter what phone they're using.

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      Jay says:


      Me and my friend both bought a iPhone 4. he had full reception and mine didn't, so we swapped sims and still my iPhone sucked and was showing little to none reception bars. explain that why don't you? FYI we was both using vodafone which is the UKs most reliable network and tested it in CENTRAL LONDON OXFORD STREET!! I showed the manager in the Regent Street Apple Store and he started to make excuses. I just told him to shut his so called thing that he calls a face that covers his pea of a brain and insisted on a refund.

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    Philip DAy says:

    what Apple recall? Your headline states "Apple recall".
    Please be more accurate. You might add the word "Potential" or "possible". If I wanted intentional troll bait, I'd read the Register

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    Eric says:

    I agree, after reading many tech articals on the issue I think that the media is blowing this up into something that is insignificant to create a buzz just like everything the media does. I think most the issue is with ATT and the service they provide. I feel very sorry for Apple catching all this flack… a company that knows they are going to sell a million plus units in the first few days would not release a product without testing it.
    All the people griping and complaining actually know so very little about the hardware and cell waves, and tech but go "look when i hold it like this it looses bars" Don't you think the people that are smart enough to build the phone thought of the same thing and did a series of tests?

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    Chris says:

    I agree with Mike. I do not believe Apple will put out a recall for the iPhone 4 at this point, especially since everyone who has tested the antenna problem has also said it is easily remedied by applying a bumper or cover of some sort.

    It will be interesting to see how Apple handles the overwhelming information proving that there is a hardware issue. So far, sticking their head in the sand hasn’t deterred anyone from continuing to test and re-test the issue with the same results.

    As far as myself, I have been waiting for the white iPhone 4 to be released before I upgrade from my 3G. If they push off the release of the white iPhone 4 until late August or early September, then I may have to break down and buy the black version.

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      Antonio says:

      I know how you feel bro I have been waiting for the white one too at my job the always get black ones in and they ask me if I want to buy one I old them not until they get the white one I have 2 of every iPhone and all the colors I love the white one

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    jbelkin says:

    no recall as there's really nothing wrong with the phone CR calls the best smartphone ever … their test is a collection of non-scientific tests that their users "think" is causing dropped calls … can't tell in the US as AT&T is weak. My iphone4 works as well or as poorly as previous iphones in terms of phone reception – the rest of the phone – best smartphone ever.

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    Mez says:

    I have tried holding my phone every which way and covered every single bit of the metal frame and it does not lose any signal. Vodafone UK I am on. Suspect that the issue is network related not phone related and Ireally tried hard to lose signal but the phone was not having it and displaying full signal whatever I did!!

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    Garrett says:

    " " for everything Chris said, 3G upgrade included. The white is such a better looking model, and I'm so eager to upgrade. It's a shame and a blessing the way I see it though, we'll probably have to wait a little longer to get it, but at the same time, there will most likely be very few problems with it when it does come out.

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    xav says:

    are you all retarded? a signal issue is hardware not software and cannot be fixed with a simple patch. Sure it can fix the displays of the bars but not the Hold Of Death. Apple Prob wont recal it but they will fix it for the Iphone 5 next year….. We hope. Because Nokia or Google will snatch this antena design and make it better and their own. I want the White Iphone 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    jjohn doe says:

    my dad works for apple i asked him about the iphone 4 they would fix the problem. no word on the white iphone sorry guys

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      Ellesse says:

      Hello :). Can you ask your Dad about the iPhone 4 white again please? I can upgrade my contract in a couple of days and I really want to know whether to stick it out and wait for the white one, or just get the black one "/

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    Stan says:

    my contract just ran out today and my iphone 3gs got dropped in water 2 weeks ago so im stuck with a razor.

    I hope apple releases the white iphone 4 already…

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    Greg says:

    if the only difference is the color apple could be working on a fix in the design for the white one and when the white one comes out release the fix black one. if they offer an exchange so everyone wont be without a phone and then repair the first 1.7 million and sell those new too

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    Guest says:

    Changing colors of the iPhone should be the very last thing that is on Apple's mind right now.

    One thing that Apple should consider while they are redesigning the iPhone is coming up with an alternative to the glass rear panel. Some sort of hardened plastic would improve the durability of the phone. It should also be a readily serviceable (replaceable) inexpensive part. This would also open up the possibility of various and sundry customized parts to personalize the iPhone.

    The problem is, how long is it going to hire the antenna engineers, get them in place, redesign the necessary parts, get the design out to the subs and accumulate the necessary volume of parts necessary to produce the new units. Will Apple stop production of the present units so that they are no simply producing yet more phones in need of being replaced? At this point, I believe that the board of directors needs to become involved in the decisions being taken before management turns a major malfunction into a financial disaster. I will be very surprised if Apple's stock does not continue to decline as the magnitude of the financial impact of the recall becomes more apparent.

    This is not a single failure. It seems apparent that management failed at several levels and missed several opportunities to avoid this problem. There are probably internal memos, at least temporarily still in existence, pointing out the folly of the antenna design. It has been reported that the "industrial design" team took control of this project rather than the engineering team. If so, that should change, that that it takes a degree in electrical engineering to realize that having direct physical contact with a radio frequency antenna is not a good idea.

  14. well I hope the next batch of iPhone 4 will be better, both white and black. People on here reported that some have problems, some don't. So its a combination of reception and hardware problem.

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    greypimps says:

    why dont they just make iphone 4 lte or 4g compatible? i hate the drop calls and hold the phone with just my fingers..but if it was 4g i'd buy a case and we call it even!!! i doubt that the software will fix the "holding it wrong" issue, its gotta be the way the antenna is attached.

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    Shelle says:

    I have been waiting for the white iPhone 4. In the past couple months I have read lots about it and all the iPhone 4 issues. I can't believe how many people whine about needing buy a bumper to fix the signal issues, seriously, it's $30 more, and if you own an iPhone 4 you've already paid $200 for the phone (at least) and you pay an arm and a leg for monthly phone service. So stop whining and buy a case, either though Apple or one of the many other brands out there. If Apple gave iPhone 4 users (who have a issue claim number & bought a bumper through Apple) a $30 iTunes credit at some point that would be great, if not, it's only $30 more, and you have an awesome smartphone. It would be nice if there were no glitches to worry about, but apparently there is, and luckily, there is an easy fix. However I have lots of friends who have the black iPhone 4 and have had no problems whatsoever. I am still waiting for the white one and plan to order the day it's available, along with a bumper 😉

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    Ellesse says:

    I just hope they bring out the white version very soon because my contract is to be upgraded in a couple of days and I am fed up of using a £4 phone because I have had to sell all my others just to afford this phone. jjohn doe? Can you ask your Dad about the white iPhone 4 again please, because you did post that comment 7 weeks ago? :))

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