Two Finance iPhone Apps: Stock Trading and Value Metal Calculator

We have two great finance iPhone apps for you that we think you will love; all-in-all it is about prices and money.

We have two apps called Trailing Stop and Pennyweight, first up is Trailing Stop and this app is very good indeed if you wish to increase your stock profits with ease, if you love stock trading then we do suggest you give this app a shot.

Main Trailing Stop Features Include: Easy-to-use interface, Eliminates impulse and emotion based decisions, Works for U.S. and foreign Stock Exchanges, Updates data after market close by downloading from server, Quick glimpse lights let you know when it’s time to sell, Helps you cut losses quickly while letting winners run, Chart view shows stop price and recent price history and Trailing stop is a system proven to lead to improved gains.

Tailing Stop has recently had an update that now includes some bug fixes like with stocks on foreign exchanges; there is now a small chart view of the recent price history for a given stock.

Next up is Pennyweight, which is a very good precious metal calculator that will allow you to calculate values for palladium, silver, platinum and gold.

Main Pennyweight Features Include: Live market feeds and 24-hour charts from Kitco.com, Instant access to New York Spot and London Fix market prices, Historical charts from Kitco.com in 30 day, 60 day, 6 month, 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year increments, Calculate value based on the current market price, yesterday’s close, or a custom price, Ability to set margin percentages for buying and selling (e.g. buying at 60% and selling at 120% of market price) and so much more.

Pennyweight now has new features such as a fixed currency table cell bug in which the selected currency checkmark repeated every nth cell. For more information on Trailing Stop please visit iTunes here, and for Pennyweight please do get on over to iTunes here.

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